13 Amusing Pictures Of A Husky Who Thinks She’s A Cat


Dogs, like any animals, have a specific behavior. Dogs don't flap about like birds, nor do they gallop like horses. A dog is a dog and that's the way things should be. Well, meet 'Tally', the beautiful husky who lived with, and was brought up by, cats, until she was two. She actually seems to think she's a feline herself! From sitting on windowsills to having an intense fascination with cardboard boxes, this dog is suffering from a real identity crisis! Take a look!
Website: Imgur


What a cute little thing she is!


Tally loves curling up with her toy, just like a cat!


What a mischievous girl!


Tally's hogging the couch like a cat!


Those felines must have taught her to block the stairs, too!


Her obsession with boxes knows no bounds!



A cute little kitty hiding in the box. Oh wait, it's a husky!


Can't get enough of those boxes!


Oh, those eyes!


Traditional 'cat under the table' pose.


Dogs don't sit like that!


Perched on the windowsill just watching the world go by.


All that cat-impersonating is exhausting work!

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