Chickens Can Now Get Colorful Tutus Because They’re Fabulous

Never would have we imagined that a day would come when chickens become more fashionable than we are. Yet here we are, looking at the trendy chicken tutus while wondering how a tiny piece of clothing could transform our feathered pets into stylish haut monde. Apparently, chickens wearing tutus is now the latest fad and we’re not even complaining. Just look how adorable they can be in a ballerina costume. So, it’s no wonder that more and more chicken owners are parading their pets wearing fancy tutus across the internet. And to be honest, this latest chicken fashion trend is our new favorite thing.

If you’re a chicken owner and want to join in the craze, you only need to have one thing – a tutu skirt for chicken. So, here’s the deal. We’re going to show you some of the most elegant and most sophisticated chicken tutus and where to get them. But in return, you’ll have to snap photos of your gorgeous chickens in tutus and share them to the world. Sounds fair, right?


Chicken tutus are especially made for your favorite fowls

ballerina skirts for hens

These pink chicken tutus that we found on will surely turn your farm birds into beautiful princesses. Each skirt is made from soft fabric and tulle netting to make your fowl companions look more fabulous than ever. It has elastic straps with a button to secure the skirt under the wings without any discomfort. In fact, this skirt is designed to protect your chicken’s back and wings while allowing feather growth. Additionally, this pink exquisite skirt has a pretty grosgrain ribbon to complete the princess look.

pink chicken tutus


ballerina skirt for fowls


pink ballerina skirt for hens


pink chicken tutus with grosgrain ribbon

If you want more variations in color then you need to check out the Etsy shop below. This shop specializes in making handcrafted accessories including chicken tutus. Their wide selection of chicken tutus include neon rainbow, pastel rainbow, patriotic (red, white, blue), sherbet, lemonade yellow, glitter rainbow, and many more. Each tiny skirt is handmade using high quality black elastic fabric and tulle netting. Plus, you can choose from three different sizes – bantam (small), standard (medium), and large fowl (large)


Neon Rainbow

chicken tutus neon rainbow colors


neon rainbow ballerina skirt for hens


colorful ballerina skirt for hens


Pastel Rainbow

chicken tutus pastel rainbow


ballerina fowls



ballerina skirt patriotic colors


chicken tutus patriotic colors



ballerina skirt for hens sherbet


chicken tutus sherbet



chicken tutus lemonade color

So, choose the best chicken tutus for your feathered pets and flaunt them on the internet. However, keep in mind that these costumes are for photographic purposes only and are not meant as regular outfit for chickens. Needless to say, you should never leave these costumes on your chickens without supervision. Remember that these tiny skirts are foreign to them and may cause distress in case of prolonged wear. Furthermore, the elastic straps may potentially strangle them or fracture their wings if they are left unsupervised.

Get the pink chicken tutus here and see more options here.


Glitter Rainbow

ballerina skirt for hens glitter

Get the pink chicken tutus here and see more options here.