Dad Brings Kids’ Drawings To Life Using Photoshop And The Results Are Scary

The naivety of children is one of the most fascinating things to observe. They perceive the world differently than adults do and they bring a marvellous perspective to every moment. So, this dad decided to Photoshop kids’ drawings to bring children’s perception of things to life. By turning children’s doodles into actual images, he shows how these bizarre-looking whatchamacallits look in real life, which is terrifyingly amusing.

So, London-based dad Tom Curtis is the man behind the Instagram page ‘Things I Have Drawn’. There you can find all his Photoshopped creations. Tom has two kids, Dom and Al, who are 11 and 9 now. The idea of bringing children’s doodles to life started when he saw a drawing his son had created. Dom drew a weird-looking animal with the eyes and mouth on the same side of its head. Curious on how the strange animal would look if it was real, he turned to Photoshop to bring the goofy doodle to life. The result was so funny (and a bit creepy) that he decided to create more of these.


This Dad Photoshops Kids’ Drawings To Show How They Look In Real Life

At first, his sons provided him with drawings of various things which mostly include animals, people and vehicles. And he would transform each doodle into their 3D version through Photoshop. When he decided to share the images on Instagram, people were amused with his wholesome artistic talent. He has been Photoshopping children’s drawing for 5 years and his Instagram account already has more than 770k followers as of this writing. Over the years, Dom and Al have shown improvements on their drawings. So, Tom can no longer use his sons’ drawings as they have progressed into sophisticated illustrations.


“Dom and Al are 11 and 9 now, so I can’t really use their recent drawings because they’re a bit too sophisticated and have lost much of their naivety,” Tom said. “Luckily, I’ve still got quite a few of their old ones stored away. These days, the boys are a bit more into gaming than drawing, although Al does tend to create quite a lot of weird characters with strange heads.”


Tom then decided to accept submissions from his followers on Instagram.

Anyone can submit their child’s drawings through his contact info listed on his Instagram page. Chosen doodles will be posted on the page along with their Photoshopped versions. Tom revealed that he has been receiving over 50 submissions on a weekly basis. Furthermore, his number of followers also keep on increasing each day. So, it seems like the flow of submissions won’t be slowing down anytime soon. We’ve picked out the funniest Photoshop transformations of goofy doodles from the page to give you a good laugh.

So, which funny creation was your favorite? Let us know!

Source: Things I Have Drawn