People Whose Creativity Knows No Bounds

With the billions of minds that grace the earth, sometimes it’s hard to believe that people are still finding new ways to be creative. After all these years, there’s still so many things waiting to be discovered, created or realized by us humans. Below we have a list of images showing people whose creativity knows no bounds. We love the hilarious tip on how to take the perfect photo of your pet! Take a look and see what you think… 

How to keep yourself occupied during airport delays!

It does have a use after all! 

‘My dad went to Vegas for 5 days and put a camera in the house but that ain’t stopping me’!

Why buy into the current trends when you can make use of what you’ve already got?

There’s two types of people in this world… 

When fishing and plumbing collide… 

This person got into a Volcom release party by wearing a grocery store receipt…

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Don’t risk spilling something on your beloved iPad, hang it up instead!

A creative way of filling empty spaces!

This kid is going to go great places in life. 

If you can handle the smell and thought of meat on your phone, this is a handy way of getting the perfect pet photo! 

Hate running out of loo roll and having to change it so regularly? Here’s a solution! 

When you decide that you want a standing desk… 

Making life that extra bit more difficult for criminals is never a bad idea.