UPS Driver Takes Photos With Every Dog He Meets While Out On His Route

No one can possibly resist the cuteness of dogs. Each time we come across adorable dogs, we just can’t fight the urge to stop and pet them. This is one of the perks of being an UPS driver. They are able to meet many dogs on their route at work and have the privilege to pet them. Most of them say that meeting furry canine friends makes their work much more enjoyable. And we couldn’t agree more.

So, Jason Hardesty from New Orleans, Louisiana is working for UPS. And just like any other postal worker, he also got to experience meeting customers’ dogs while on the job. A couple of years ago, Jason started taking photos of every dog he meets. On the photos, we can see him happily holding his canine friends next to him. He would later upload the photos on his Instagram page along with the name of the dog on the caption.


This UPS Driver Takes Photos With Every Dog He Meets On His Route At Work

For Jason, snapping pictures with dogs he meets on his route at work became an integral part of this job. And he’s actually not the only one who’s doing it. In fact, Sean McCarren created a Facebook page called UPS Dogs way back 2013. This page is open to all postal workers where they can share photos of dogs (and other animals) they’ve met along the way. But, Jason has many photos to share so he decided to post his photos on his Instagram page instead.

Of course, photos of cute, friendly dogs are guaranteed to melt the hearts. So, it’s no wonder that Jason’s Instagram page has amassed a huge following with over 81k followers as of writing. You can follow his page to see him meeting new canine friends while on his adventures. And, here are some of his latest posts from the page featuring the cutest doggos and pups he was able to meet on his route.


Some of the dogs he meets are small


While some are bigger and need big hugs!



Lastly, we have this photo of a dog called Huey P and he is adorable!

So, make sure you check out Jason’s Instagram page to see more of his adorable canine friends.