The ‘Zome’ Is A Giant Suspended Lounger That Fits Four People

I think we can all agree that stretching out on a hammock is one of the best ways to unwind. But let’s face it – a hammock can only accommodate one or two people at a time. And sharing your “hammock time” with someone can get pretty uncomfortable fast. So if you’re looking for a space where you, your family and friends can chill out in, you’ll love the Kodama Zomes!

Richard Duncan founded Kodama in 2013 “with a mission to promote health and relaxation and to do it with innovation and style”. In the beginning, Duncan experimented with various materials, sizes and designs. It took plenty of trials and errors. But eventually, Duncan discovered the Zome. The Zome is “a distinctive departure from hammocks and hanging egg chairs”. In other words, Kodama’s Zome is the evolution of our beloved hammock!





The principles of art and structure combine to create the Kodama Zome

The term “Zome” comes from the combination of “zone” and “zonohedron”, which refers to buildings or structures made using unusual geometries. Duncan learned about it during a natural building teaching engagement in Chile. This prompted the conception of the dew drop-shaped pendulum swing. And it’s changing the game entirely!



The Zome features a curved and precision welded steel frame and interwoven webbing that gives the Zome its eye-catching geometric edge. All steel components are sandblasted clean before being coated with a double layer of durable powder-coating. Then, the webbing is 100% polyester to prevent them from catching mildew, mold or fading from the sun. You also won’t have to worry about the strength of your Zome because the frame is made with marine-grade 316 Stainless Steel. There are three types of finishes for your Zome: black, oil-rubbed bronze and gunmetal grey.


The Zome comes in three types of finishes

According to Kodama, the Black Finish is the most versatile finish option. On the other hand, the Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish will look best if you’re going for a classic or rustic look. However, if you live in an area near salt-water, they advise against the Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish. Then their Gunmetal Grey Finish will add a bit of modernity and a touch of gloss to your space.



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Have you ever looked at a Kodama Zome and thought about the unique shape? There’s actually a name for it: Geodesic. You may have heard this word before in the context of geodesic dome buildings. . The first geodesic structure is also the world’s oldest planetarium. The shape came about from engineer Walter Bauersfield, who wanted to create something that was rounded but that could also hold a large audience and be light enough to be placed on top of a building. . Their popularity in America came decades later, in the 50s, thanks to Buckminster Fuller. He popularized the design and was awarded a US patent for it. And he coined the term “geodesic”, giving the name we still use today. . When designing his structures, Fuller took inspiration from nature. Snowflakes, seed pods, flowers, crystals all follow a pattern and repeat the same shape. Geodesic domes reflect nature’s methods of solid construction. . Geodesic domes are actually the most space-efficient structure out there. They have the largest ratio of internal space to construction materials. Triangles are well-known to be the strongest geometric shape, so the network of triangles that make up a geodesic dome make it one of the strongest structures you could build. That’s the reason Kodama Zomes use a geodesic design. Our products are designed to last years and years, not to be thrown away after a summer of use. . This design is strong thanks to a term coined by Fuller – Tensegrity. This is a portmanteau of “tension” and “integrity”, and describes the relationship between tension and compression. The structure is incredibly rigid and supports a lot of weight. Such domes in Antarctica have stood for decades, withstanding 200mph winds. . Kodama is trying to bring a bit of the geodesic dome into the home. Learn more about our products at the link in our bio.

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The Zome comes equipped with premium cushions

Usually, you would think twice about getting outdoor furniture equipped with cushions. This is mostly because it’s too much of a hassle to run out and grab them before the rain falls. But you won’t have to worry about that because the brand uses premium-quality cushions. And just like their finishes, there are three cushion types you can choose: Standard Foam, Commercial Grade Foam and Reticulated Foam (Dry Fast).

The Standard Foam is suitable for residential use. It can take a bit of rain, but if left out, it will eventually absorb water and will require some drying. Meanwhile, the Commercial Grade Foam is more durable, as it won’t lose its form from being constantly used. But just like the Standard Foam, the Commercial Grade isn’t waterproof. So if you’d rather not waste time waiting for your cushions dry, you can go for their Reticulated Foam (Dry Fast). The Reticulated Foam (Dry Fast) is ideal for locations that are constantly exposed to the water, like the poolside and the beach. This is because the Reticulated Foam (Dry Fast) will allow water to pass through and dry immediately. Thanks to this mechanism, the Reticulated Foam is anti-microbial, mildew, and mold-resistant.





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For many people – adults and children alike – the vestibular system has difficulty developing and motions that are "simple" or taken for granted can represent a great challenge for those with vestibular developmental disabilities. Specifically, it is noted that many people with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Downs syndrome, sensory processing disorder, or victims of head trauma all show more difficulty with vestibular development. ????????? .????????? Imagine closing your eyes and spinning in a circle. Imagine if your mind told you that your body was moving up and down, like on a bouncy ball. Yes – this disassociation between the physical body's actual movement and the brain's interpretation is real, and what thousands of people deal with every day. So where do Kodama Zomes come in? ????????? .????????? Though it is true that any motion will help stimulate the vestibular system (swinging, walking, jumping, rolling), the motion of the zome is unique. The zome provides a smooth, rhythmic and predictable pendulum motion. It is this predictability that is key. ????????? .????????? "Predictability engenders comfort" – Dr. Lucy Jean Miller ????????? .????????? By being in a zome and either actively or passively swinging, the inner ear and the vestibular system receive steady, consistent, and rhythmic stimulation. The brain can anticipate this motion, and as the motion is repeated over and over, the positive connection between vestibular stimulation and correct brain interpretation is strengthened. By contrast, erratic movement of a trampoline or quick spinning only adds to the chaotic and incorrect interpretation of the stimulation. It overexcites and does not support either comfort or vestibular development of a weakened system.????????? .????????? So, it is with this background, that Kodama has spent the last couple years partnering with several schools, academies, research centers and clinics in order to assist those in need with rehabilitation. Please check out Victory Academy and STAR to see the amazing work that they do.

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The premium cushions are encased with high-quality outdoor fabrics

The bottom of the Zome is lined with premium cushions wrapped with Sunbrella fabric in a variety of colors. The Sunbrella, according to the brand, is “the gold standard of durable, outdoor fabrics”, so you can rest assured that your Zome’s premium cushions are encased in high quality material that won’t become brittle or get moldy from exposure. There are six cushion cover colorways inspired by the outdoors offered by the brand at the moment like Heritage Leaf, which comes in an earthy green tone. With these cushions in place, your Zome will not only be comfortable but also very chic!




You’ll need plenty of space for the Zome

Unlike your trusty, easy-to-stow-away hammock, the Zome is meant to be a permanent fixture in your home or commercial space. However, there are various ways you can choose to hang the Zome. You can hang it on a tree by tethering it on a sturdy tree branch with the brand’s Rigging Kits. They also have a Ground Tethering Kit, which will require some labor because you’ll need to dig a bit to secure your tether. Meanwhile the Curved Tripod Set offers the easiest set-up.



You can also include other accessories to make sure you get the most out of your Zome, like a mosquito net and a fitted cover. These accessories are an absolute must-have if you’re using the Zome outdoors, as you won’t have to worry about getting bitten by pesky insects. And with the fitted cover in place, you can chill out and enjoy the calming sound of the rain from the safety of your Zome! Up to 4 people can stay in the Zome at any given time, as it can hold up to 600lbs without difficulty.


It can even carry your beloved pooches

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Who let the dogs out?

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Wind down in your very own Zome

The Zomes were first installed in luxury residential areas and commercial spaces like hotels and spas. But they wanted to share the Zome experience with a greater audience, so they made a more affordable range. Schools also use Zomes to help create their students achieve a calm and focused disposition.



Learn more about the Zomes in their introductory video below

The Zome comes in small ($3,300) and large ($6,900) sizes. A 5-year warranty is provided on their product after you purchase it. We’ve got a feeling that you’ll never want a hammock again when you’ve got this haven of comfort in your home! Get it here.