Jon Has Been Doing His Postal Round In Funny Costumes To Try And Bring A Smile To People’s Faces

No matter how small it is, engaging in little acts of kindness can make a huge impact on people. And that’s what everyone needs during these difficult times. A man from West Boldon, UK has been going viral on social media due to his funny costumes. No, he’s not a cosplayer. He’s a dedicated postman who found a brilliant way to cheer people up by wearing flamboyant outfits for work.

Meet Jon Matson, a 39-year-old UK man who has been working as a postman for over 4 years. Since he has been on his usual route for years, Matson has gotten to know all of his customers. And since he has been delivering in the same area where he lives, all of his customers have become his friends. Matson has been doing the same work and going the same routine for 4 years.  And he absolutely love every part of his job, especially meeting people and making friends. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced most parts of the world to go on a lockdown. And suddenly, everything has changed.


This postman wears funny costumes to give his customers a good laugh

In order to slow down the spread of the disease, everyone is mandated to undergo home quarantine and practice social distancing. This means people have to stay at home all the time and workers are also required to work from home. Doing so could prevent community transmission in the government’s bid to stop the pandemic. However, there are certain people who are exempted from this provisional regulation. These include medical health workers, cargo drivers, delivery personnel, select government workers, media personnel, and skeletal workforce of businesses that provide basic commodities and services.

And since Matson is a delivery personnel, he still needs to work as usual even during the lockdown. However, there were some changes in his daily work routine. Normally, he would start his work by arriving at the delivery office to sort the mails before loading them into the small van. They used to work in pairs and would drive on to their designated route. He actually enjoyed stopping by his customers’ houses and chat with them. But ever since the lockdown has been implemented, his daily routine has changed.


“Now I can’t go to the office, this is to minimize contact and stick to social-distancing,” he explained. “Paul, my work partner, has to go in and prepare all of the mail on his own and load up the van. He drives to my house and drops my bags off for me and I have to work from there using a bag trolley.”


Little Bo Peep outfit

Matson felt a little lonely now that he seldom sees his work partner whom he shared jokes and laughs for years. Furthermore, he’s also sad that he can no longer call in on his customers and have a chat. Although he can still talk to them from a distance, it still feels far less personal. And Matson noticed how the lockdown and social distancing have been affecting his customers.

Matson is a regular participant of the Boxing Day Dip, a charity event where people wear fancy outfits and jump into the North Sea. So, he had a few funny costumes which he had worn for the event. Suddenly, a clever idea comes to mind that would surely make people around him feel a lot better. After asking permission from his manager, he decided to ditch his work uniform for fancy outfits.


Greek Soldier costume

He picked the cheerleader outfit and wore it for work, hoping that the funny costumes could at least give people a good laugh. But Matson didn’t expect that the reception would be phenomenal. His customers would come out and take photos of him from a distance to share it online. And you can just see their amusement from the pics. The next day, Matson came to work as Little Bo Peep and people’s reaction was even better.


Hawaiian Outfit

Photos of him in funny costumes quickly circulated over social media and people have been anticipating what he’s going to wear next. And Matson didn’t disappoint the next day as he appeared on a Greek/Trojan soldier costume. He wore a Hawaiian dress the next day followed by an Egyptian outfit the following day. His latest outfit was a Where’s Wally-inspired costume much to the delight of kids.


“Seeing so many people happy and having something to look forward to has really picked my spirits up. I was obviously feeling apprehensive about having to go to work and although it’s still in the back of my mind each day, this makes going to work so much easier. The only worry I have now is running out of things to wear.”


Egyptian costume


Where’s Wally?


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