You Can Get A Tent That Attaches To The Back Of Your Car

Fall is the prime season for outdoor camping as it is one of the most beautiful seasons because you can see the trees bursting with vibrant colors. Now you can make fall camping even more fun and trouble-free with this tailgate tent. It’s called the TailVeil and is designed to be easily attached to the back of most vehicles with an upward-lifting tailgate. This tent provides extra room at the back of your SUV or minivan where you can sit or lie down. It is spacious enough for a table and several chairs to give you a comfortable spot for drinks and snacks.

The ingenious tailgate tent is lightweight, durable and compact enough to carry in the vehicle. Setting up is very easy and simple. Simply attach it to the top of your vehicle’s open rear door. One of the best things about the tent is that you don’t need to erect poles to set it up. It is made of heavy-duty elastic material that adjusts in height and width to fit any sized vehicle with an upward-lifting tailgate. The tent comes with 8 stakes to secure the corners into the ground. Additionally, it features tension buttons to hold your initial adjustments in place.


TailVeil Is A Half Tent That Attaches To The Open Rear Door Of Any Vehicle With An Upward-Lifting Tailgate

tailveil tailgate tent

It doesn’t only provide extra space at the back of your vehicle during camping. But it also keeps pesky bugs away while allowing proper ventilation inside the tent. So, it transforms your SUV or minivan into a great camper. It has a large three-directional zippered opening on the side for easy access. When fully set up, it provides a moisture-resistant floor space measuring 6.5 feet wide and 6 feet long. In addition to a table and chairs, there’s still plenty of space for large coolers, a playpen, pet carrier and more.

tent attaches to upward-lifting tailgate


tailveil tailgate tent extra camping space


easy to install tailgate tent

You can choose to add an optional rainfly to cover the tent when you want some privacy or when it’s raining. It is as easy to take down as it is to set up. When not in use, simply fold the tent down and store it its carry case (included). One satisfied customer wrote:

“This is the easiest screen room to set up and take down. No poles! We don’t even use stakes. Instead, we put a landscaping paver in each corner. We have the best bug-free zone at the lake.”

tailgate tent rainfly


tailgate tent carry bag


tailveil setup rear vehicle


tailveil tailgate tent open rear door


tailgate tent bug-free ventilation

Get yours from TailVeil. You can also find similar tents on Amazon here and here.


Check out the convenient tailgate tent in action on the video below