Photos of Grown Dogs Acting Like Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and those canine pals really know how to melt their owner’s hearts. Dogs acting like puppies is an instant cuteness factor for just about everyone, though. Wouldn’t you agree? The companionship and loyalty they give are incomparable. However, there are still some dogs that want to pretend to be puppies because they just can’t seem to accept that they’re all grown up. And when they do it can be the cutest thing ever!

Here are photos of dogs acting like puppies that will melt your heart in an instance.


“This is Arlo. He only stays calm if he holds my hand in the car.”

“If I don’t pet my dog, he finds someone else to do it and checks if I’m jealous.”

This dog definitely has a soft spot for jeans. Looks…cozy?

Frightened dog during a fire drill.

Hooray! We’re going on an adventure!

Uh oh! Someone help me, please!

“I’m all grown up now so my hooman said it’s time that I guard the house.”

“My dog saw a mouse on the floor and won’t get off the counter.”

Perfect example of when your dog thinks he’s still a puppy.

His favorite spot inside the car.

Dogs pretending to be puppies are too cute!


When you thought you’d lost weight from dieting…oops.

Hello? Is anybody there? Anyone?

When you need a shoulder to cry on.

When your dog’s too scared of the rain and pretends he can’t hear you. Um…Hello?

Sometimes, a hug is all you need.

My every day workout.

Dogs pretending to be puppies and not ashamed to show it.

My dog is afraid of fireworks so this cutie decided to console him. See! They really can get on!