16 Useful Organizing Ideas For Your Home – Part 2


Keeping your home organized and clutter-free doesn't mean you have to go out and buy expensive boxes or pieces of furniture to store things in. We've put together a list of some fantastic ideas and tips that use many things that you've probably got lying around the house somewhere.

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Transform milk jug containers into handy storage boxes by cutting them as shown and then adding velcro patches to close them.


Use ice trays to organize your earrings.


Use curtain poles to hang your collection of scarves on.


Curio cabinets are perfect for storing those millions of pairs of shoes you own! They'll be neat and tidy and you'll be able to choose what to wear easily.


These beautiful china bowls and plates look pretty for storing and organizing your jewelry collection.


Make your own bungee wall organizer with planks of wood and bungee cords. As you can see they're perfect for your sunglasses, scarves and cables. You could also hang your belts and ties!


A hair tool cabinet is a great solution for your hair dryer and multiple heat stylers.


Having this entryway provides a shelf for drying wet things such as scarves, hats and gloves and you can store boots under the bench.


Here's some great hallway organization ideas. The curtain one is great for hiding any clutter!


Dream catchers make great earring holders!


Not only do these make great storage, they almost look like artwork on the wall.


A magnetic bathroom rack is the perfect solution for tweezers, scissors and the things we always seem to lose… hair grips!


Cut pool noodles to fit the length of your boots to keep them upright.



Dish drainers and toast racks make excellent filing systems!


A sugar dispenser or mason jar is a great pace to organize your twine for the many times you will need it.


Save wine boxes for a great place to store shoes.

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