Photos of Unforeseen Hilarity That Will Make You Expect the Unexpected

The most unpredictable things are the most surprising ones. Just take these photos of unforeseen hilarity for example. Laughter can come from unexpected situations, something that we certainly didn’t see coming. Sometimes, the funniest things comes when we least expect them. It could come from random people, coincidences, or spontaneous jokes. It’s surely a difficult task to intentionally make people laugh.  But we can also get laughter from someone or something out of the blue. I bet you didn’t see these photos of unforeseen hilarity coming but we’ve got them all for you.



Who says you can’t use chopstick on pizza? There are no rules when it comes to food, right?

Punk rock fashion is cool and this guy wants to live by it. But his mother isn’t having none of it and this style doesn’t stop her from asking her son to take care of the plants. We feel you, dude.

They probably didn’t think that the drawing will shrink down when the balloon is inflated.

The family that eats a buffet of french fries together, stays happy forever.

Well, that went down rather quickly. But it’s good to know they did put up a good fight. They just came up short in the end.

Dogs definitely would love some belly rubs but I doubt if they drink coffee.

Let’s see how many people can you trick with this photo.

Funny random photos that you probably didn’t see coming



I told you old school record players can still be used even today.

Voldemort has totally changed the way people see turbans and head-wraps.

I see what they did here. If the text isn’t enough to tell them, create a model-figure to represent the sign.

This will definitely start a new trend in gravestone design.

Lesson learned. Always perform skin sensitivity test before going for a henna tattoo because it would be too late for regrets.

Thankfully, no children were around at that time because that could have given them a total shock if they witnessed how that mascot lost his head mid-air.

Take note on how this guy cleverly made sure that the girl will choose the fun fact rather than the corny joke. Clever.

A bulls’ eye for a bull’s eye! And you thought only Merida can do this stunt.