Karen Transforms Her Under Stairs Area Into A Magical Playhouse For Her Daughter

The space under your stairs can make excellent storage space. But a Scottish mum got a little more creative and transformed that space into an under stairs playhouse. Karen Adamson from Danderhall, Midlothian decided to make use of the space under her stairs. And converted it into an incredible playhouse for her three-year-old daughter Holly. With the help of her partner Kevan, she was able to construct the perfect little home in less than a day.

karen adamson under stairs playhouse door
Karen Adamson

“I did the project on a Sunday afternoon with my partner Kevan, it was 3pm by the time we started so it ended up being a late night making sure it was ready for the wee one the next day,” Karen said.

karen adamson with daughter holly
Karen Adamson

You may think that modifying the space under the stairs and turning it into a playhouse would cost a fortune. But believe it or not, it only took less than £100 for Karen to build her own under stairs playhouse. How did she pull off this miracle? All it needs is a bit of resourcefulness along with a little awareness of the best bargains in town.

karen adamson partner kevan under stairs playground
Karen Adamson

First, they modified the small door to make it look like a regular house door. In order to make it look like a miniature house, they also added window cutout lined with medium-density fibreboard [MDF] and skirting board frame. Karen bought all these materials from B&Q. Next, they painted the interiors and applied brick-patterned wallpapers on the outside for a more realistic outcome.

The paint and wallpaper were all affordable buys from B&M. And for the finishing touch, Karen added brass hardware such as the mini sofa, the kiddy kitchen, and the toy washing machine. She also installed a working doorbell to complete the under stairs playhouse. She purchased all these kiddie furniture pieces and home accessories on Amazon.

karen adamson under stairs playhouse interior
Karen Adamson


holly happy with her under stairs playground
Karen Adamson

Based from the look on Holly’s face, we can say that she absolutely loved her new under stairs playhouse.

“Holly absolutely loves it and enjoys pretending to make dinner for everyone, although she did say ‘but I haven’t got a dining room’,” Karen said. “Well…the space was a little limited.”

Karen is now considering adding some curtains and a letterbox to equip the playground with more authentic features. And if Karen can make a DIY playground under her stairs, you can do it too.

Source: Tyla