The ‘SlideRider’ Turns Your Stairs Into A Huge Indoor Slide

Transform your stairs into a slide with this innovative SlideRider. Kids love slides but they can’t play on them when it’s rainy or extremely cold outside. Now you can bring the fun inside your home by turning your stairs into a slide. Trisha Cleveland of Minnesota found a brilliant way to provide her kids with an indoor playground through her genius invention – the SlideRider.

We’re no stranger to seeing kids using mattresses and sleeping bags to turn their stairs into slides. Trisha decided to give that idea an upgrade by innovating a foldable slide foam that can simply attached to stairs. She named her concept SlideRider. One of the great things about this foldable slide is that it folds right up into its base. Additionally, it comes in an easy storage strap to keep the SlideRider in place when not in use.

sliderider trisha cleveland concept

To ensure kids’ safety, it has bumpers on each side and at the bottom so they won’t slide out. The width of the slide provides sufficient space for a kid to slide down one at a time. That leaves a little bit of room on the side to access the stair.

sliderider trisha cleveland concept storage strap


sliderider trisha cleveland concept foldable foam


sliderider trisha cleveland concept bumpers


sliderider trisha cleveland concept setup


sliderider trisha cleveland concept quirky

In 2014, Trisha launched her concept on Quirky on her bid to make this project a reality. Despite the product’s popular demand , Quirky announced that the SlideRider did not meet safety standards during the testing stage. Hence, the project failed to come into fruition. Yes, we are bummed as much as you do. But if you really want to turn your stairs into a slide, you may want to check out other options such as this SlideWhizzer.

slidewhizzer indoor stair slide


slidewhizzer indoor stair slide playground


slidewhizzer indoor stair slide handrail

The SlideWhizzer is not foldable but rather, it features 3-sectioned slide chute which consists of  the top chute, the extension piece, and the bottom chute. The good thing about the SlideWhizzer is its expandable feature. This means that you can connect more extension pieces to make the slide longer. Safe and durable, it comes with a powder coated steel frame, handrails, and an adjustable bar to secure attachment to the stairs. Get this indoor slide here and give your kids all the fun and playtime they want in the comfort of your home.

slidewhizzer indoor stair slide expandable


slidewhizzer indoor stair slide top chute


slidewhizzer indoor stair slide adjustable bar


slidewhizzer indoor stair slide 3-sectioned shute


slidewhizzer indoor stair slide amazon