This Portable Campfire Grill Turns Anywhere Into The Ultimate BBQ

Father’s Day is just days away, so you’ve got to act fast and think of a great gift to give. One surefire trick of getting the right present for him is to know the things that he really enjoys. If he enjoys cooking outdoors, then look no further. We know that your probably have a grill that you only take out when you need it. But this ultimate campfire grill by Breeo is unlike any grill you’ve had before.

Breeo has been crafting award-winning smokeless fire pits for nearly a decade. The brand proudly boasts that their products are made with American steel and American craftsmanship. So you can expect only the best quality from the brand. And the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based smokeless fire pit pioneer has taken things up a notch with the introduction of the Outpost Grill System. This open-fire grilling product is extremely versatile. It seamlessly fits with Breeo’s smokeless fire pits while also fully capable of functioning as a stand-alone grilling station. Jonathan Miller, Breeo’s founder and marketing director, said,

“Our smokeless fire pits and cooking products like the new Outpost grill awaken the senses and provide the tools to truly experience outdoor cooking in its most primal and visual form.”


Breeo’s ultimate campfire grill is the grill of your dreams

The Outpost is crafted with high grade 304 stainless steel, like the company’s fire pits. It is also backed with a lifetime warranty. These qualities alone are enough to blow all the other grills out of the game. However, the Outpost has several other features that make it truly worthy of being called the ultimate grill. As we said earlier, this open-fire grill is extremely versatile.

It functions both as an attachment to Breeo’s fire pits and can be used on its own out in the wild. So whether you’re backyard griller or an on-the-go adventurer, the Outpost is definitely something you’d want to have at your disposal whenever, wherever.


This grill is both stylish and impressively convenient

This ultimate grill uses Breeo’s patent-pending Anchorpoint® mechanism which allows you to securely plant the Outpost in the ground. After the Anchorpoint® is in place, all you have to do is to “pull the post out, reverse it, lock it in place and add your own grill or kettle hook”.Trust us, this is easier than it sounds.

In fact, the whole process probably won’t take you more than five minutes! Once locked in place, the Outpost won’t wobble, rise up, sink, or swing side to side. The only adjustable component left will be the Outpost’s grill, which you can move away or closer to the fire.

Since the Outpost is crafted with corrosion resistant steel, you won’t have to worry about rust spreading all over it as time goes on. You can safely anchor this campfire grill almost everywhere. So whether you’ve chosen to spend a nice day by the beach or reconnect with nature in the woods, you’ll never grill the same again. It’s perfect for grill masters looking for something portable yet sturdy. The Outpost disassembles and fits into a slim heavy duty bag. This way, you won’t have to worry about it taking up space in your car when you’re on-the-go.


The grill comes in two sizes and is compatible with Breeo’s smokeless fire pits

At the moment, there are two sizes of Outpost grills offered by Breeo. One measures 19 inches and weighs 8 pounds, and the second option stretches up to 24 inches and weighs 14 pounds. Then, the Breeo Kettle Hook can be placed at the top to complete this ultimate campfire grill. You can use the Breeo Kettle Hook to suspend your kettle, cauldron or pot over the fire. The grills are wide enough to let you cook several food items simultaneously so you can cut your cooking time and have more time to spend bonding and socializing.


Breeo’s smokeless fire pit is a thing of beauty

Breeo’s X Series fire pit is the company’s most recent creation. And it is arguably their best, since they’ve poured everything they’ve learned so far about fire pit building into it. This awesome smokeless fire pit comes equipped with Breeo’s patent-pending X Airflow® Technology, which allows better air regulation inside the fire pit. The raised air vents at the bottom of the X Series Fire Pit acts as an entryway for oxygen, even after ash has begun to build up.

The X Series Fire Pit is built to last, just like its predecessors. And compared to typical grills that fade and rust with time, Breeo’s latest masterpiece will only keep getting better and better as time passes. Since it’s made with COR-TEN steel, you won’t need to worry about it being exposed to different seasons – it can withstand the test of the sun, wind, rain, snow and of time!

Since the X Series and Outpost are Breeo’s latest creations, putting them together to make an ultimate campfire grill totally makes sense. With this brilliant open-fire cooking innovation, you can now grill a full course for your family and friends a lot quicker! You can sear your steak, grill your hamburgers and boil tea/coffee water all the same time with Breeo’s campfire grill!


Watch Breeo introduce the Outpost a.k.a. the grill of our dreams

Have the ultimate grilling experience now

This ultimate grill is currently compatible with Breeo’s X Series, Double Flame and Zentro smokeless fire pits. The grills will set you back a bit. The Outpost 19 is worth $119 and the Outpost 24 sells for $189. But if money isn’t a problem, you can go for Breeo’s X Series + Outpost bundles that start at $499. If these prices seem too intimidating, you can check out the installment plans offered onsite.

Grilling will never be the same again! We’re sure your dad or better half will love this grill because… what man can refuse a perfectly seared steak? And a chance to host a barbecue party with their friends?