Burger King Has Brought Back Their Wild Cherry Frozen Fanta Drink

Burger King has brought Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry back to their menu to wash down your Whopper! As the temperature continues to climb, so does our need for flavorful icy beverages. And the royal burger chain is more than happy to supply us with their cool lineup consisting of Frozen Fantas and Frozen Coca-Cola. This summer sip was officially re-introduced in Burger King in late May. Needless to say, Burger King’s loyal customers are more than happy to welcome the frozen drink back on the menu!

According to Chew Boom, the Wild Cherry first came onto the Burger King menu way back in 2017. However, it was plucked from the menu and replaced with something else, much to the dismay of those who were beginning to count it as their favorite sip from the fast food chain. A year later, the chain went on to introduce the Scary Black Cherry drink for Halloween 2018. The Scary Black Cherry drink turned tongues black, much to the glee of its drinkers. And now with the return of the Wild Cherry Fanta, it’s clear that the King loves cherry-flavored drinks!

burger king frozen fanta wild cherry

Burger King


The Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry is back for the summer

The icy beverage consists of fizzy Fanta Wild Cherry mixed in with finely crushed ice to get that slushie-like consistency. And according to Peep This Out, the sip has a combination of sweet and tart notes in every sip. This icy summer sip comes in a bright red shade, since its base is made of wild cherry flavored soda. You can get the wild cherry flavored slushie in three different sizes for under $3 each.


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What’s up my Monday morning troopers?????..You may want to swing by @burgerking for the returning Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry. This flavor has been obsolete since 2017 and is back for a limited time. If that doesn’t intrigue you, BK Germany has created a social distancing crown(image 2)?..they teach you how to make the crown with a few simple items.. 7 Burger King crowns, 150cm x 150cm square of cardboard and scissors or a boxcutter with glue. Instructions = 1. Attach the seven crowns together end to end to make an giant crown (there are tabs to connect them).2. Draw a circle with a radius of 75cm on the cardboard and cut it out. Then cut a hole in the middle that is as big as your head (Not the widest part of your head otherwise you might be wearing it around your neck and on your shoulders). 3. Glue the crowns around the edge of the cardboard circle and you're done with your social distancing crown. If you do make this ridiculous thing tag me so I can share it in my story??

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However, the only catch about this treat is that Burger King will only be offering it for a limited time. So the drink will most likely vanish when the winds of fall start blowing away the heat. But before that happens, you’d better pair it with your favorite Burger King combo while it lasts. Given the current situation, Burger King is now offering free deliveries for online orders amounting to $10 and up. So what are you waiting for? Log on to Burger King’s website and order your Whoppers and this fantastic Fanta now!