These Fire Pits Double As BBQs And You Can Get Them From Aldi

Life in quarantine doesn’t have to be miserable. Thankfully, Aldi understands our current situation and has decided to bring back its Garden Fire Pits and Outdoor Log Burners. Apparently, the current pandemic lockdown only allows us to go as far as our gardens and backyards. Unless you really need go for an essential trip to the nearest grocery store.

This is where pits and burners really come in handy. When you want to spend a lovely evening in your garden, you can just fire it up and enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire. Since the summer season is fast approaching, adding a touch of functional style to your garden is truly a must. Don’t let this dreadful situation ruin your perfect summer nights. You can still have the best summer with your family and loved ones in the comfort of your homes (and your gardens). You can gather round the fire and spend the night with some heart-to-heart talks.


Aldi Brings Backs It Popular Fire Pits and Log Burners

faux stone fire pits mesh lid


outdoor log burner with built-in storage

Additionally, the pits come with a cooking grill so you can have some evening barbecues. Each wood burning grill also includes a mesh lid, a poker and fuel grate so you can grill any snacks you like. The pit is entirely made of heavy-duty steel, magnesia surround in a dark gray granite finish. It features a geometric design to achieve a stone effect appearance. The cooking grill is chrome-plated and the fire bowl is coated in black high temperature paint. It measures 19 inches x 27 inches and weighs 33 pounds.

faux stone fire pits


faux stone fire pits grill and poker


faux stone fire pits double as grills

If you’re into log burners more than the pits, then this outdoor log burner may suit your taste. It features a durable steel construction in elegant black brushed bronze effect finish. The fire bowl is coated in high temperature paint which works perfectly with heat logs and untreated wood. For you and your kids’ safety, the burner comes with a mesh surround to contain the flames within. Furthermore, it has a built-in log storage located below where you can store extra wood and logs. It measures 37 inches x 18 inches x 32 inches and weighs 33 pounds.

outdoor log burner


outdoor log burner mesh surround


outdoor log burner steel construction

You can find both outdoor essentials available on Aldi website. Also take note that the garden pits and the outdoor wood burners are listed as Specialbuys. This means that these are limited edition items that are released in small quantities. So, now is the perfect time to order them online while they still last. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“It’s well built, the perfect size for most gardens and an amazing price. It exceeded my expectations.”

Source: Aldi | Fire Pit | Log Burner