This Portable Fan-Powered Charcoal Grill Lets You Have A BBQ Anywhere On The Go

Cook your BBQ faster and hands-free with this portable fan-powered charcoal grill. It takes time and a lot of labor to get perfectly-grilled, juicy BBQ. For starters, lighting a charcoal grill isn’t as easy as it sounds. And when the charcoal finally catches fire, it requires you to fan it in order to keep the fire burning for hours. There are handheld air blowers that are specifically designed to blow air into grill to keep the fire burning strong. But why get a separate handheld device to blow air around the coal when you can have a grill with a built-in fan to do all the work?

This portable fan-powered charcoal grill has an integrated battery-powered fan that forces air through the burning charcoal. With the built-in fan, you can start coals faster while keeping the fire sizzling for a full hour, without the need to use handheld air blowers. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), the whisper-quiet fan blows air around the charcoal chamber. This helps you light the coal in as fast as 2 minutes and keeps the fire burning for a full hour of grilling. Hence, it helps you save charcoal by burning more efficiently.


Portable Fan-Powered Charcoal Grill

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The portable fan-powered charcoal grill features a control knob that enables you to adjust the speed of the fan. Turn the heat up by increasing the fan speed and tone the heat down by lowering the speed. Whether you’re searing a large steak or gently sizzling sausages, you can set the ideal fan speed to get your BBQ perfectly done. Furthermore, the inner liner is made of stainless steel that helps keep the heat inside and keep the coal burning for longer. While the inner liner keeps the inside of the grill scorching hot, the double-walled steel exterior keeps the outside surface cool to the touch. So, you can safely touch the exterior wall without burning your hands.

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Measuring 17.32 inches long, 12.85 inches wide, and 8.2 inches high, this portable fan-powered charcoal grill offers 178 square inches of grilling surface. It features a compact design that allows you to easily take it anywhere. Ideal for camping cookouts, backyard BBQ, or tailgate parties, simply pack it in its own zippered travel bag with carrying strap. The removable stainless steel liner makes refilling coal easy and so is cleaning. Just wipe clean or hand wash to clean after every use.

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