8 Brilliant Ideas For Small Bathrooms That Maximize Space

As much as we all wish we had gigantic bathrooms with endless amounts of space, in reality that’s not the situation for most of us. In fact, you can feel very limited in your options when you’re working with a small area. But, fear not, as this isn’t always the case! Here we have a brilliant list of ideas for small bathrooms that you will love. Always remember it’s what you do with the space, not how much of it you have available. Take a look below and prepare to be inspired!

Brass Fixtures

If you’re looking for a way to add a luxurious feel, opting for brass fixtures and a retro design is the way to go!

ideas-for-small-bathrooms brass fixtures

Sit In Bath

Many people are very limited on space. However, this shouldn’t stop you from being able to enjoy a bath rather than a shower! A sit in bath is a great size suited for smaller spaces.

ideas-for-small-bathrooms sit in bath

Replace Your Tub

For every person that loves a bath, there will be one who prefers to shower. If you’re someone who hates bathing, why not get rid of you tub and give yourself a luxurious shower space instead?

ideas-for-small-bathrooms replace bath tub
ideas-for-small-bathrooms spacious shower cubicle

Utilizing Corners

By placing all of your major elements of a bathroom in each corner, the room feels more opened up. Therefore, the cramped feeling that lots of bathrooms give off is reduced.

ideas-for-small-bathrooms place major elements in corners

Bright Colors

Your choice of decor is hugely important to the overall finish of a bathroom. It can be the difference between luxury and dull. By choosing a bright color to decorate your bathroom like in the images below, your bathroom will look like it has had plenty of effort and planning go into it.

ideas-for-small-bathrooms bright white decor
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Bulky Shower Cabins

Shower cabins do not need to be bulky! Don’t over complicate things where possible and simplify instead. As long as there is a drainage grate, you can decorate the surrounding shower area as you please.

ideas-for-small-bathrooms small shower

Triangular Tubs

For those who are desperate to have a bath but know that they are tight on space, a triangular tub could be the perfect solution! Look how good it looks in the image below!

ideas-for-small-bathrooms triangular tub

Inset Glass

Natural light does wonders for brightening up a room. By using inset glass in your doors, you can get a lovely glow coming into your bathroom which gives the illusion of more space.

ideas-for-small-bathrooms door inset glass
ideas-for-small-bathrooms inset glass