Costco’s Large Bottles Of Strawberry Margarita Are The Perfect Summer Refreshment

Costco’s Kirkland Signature line is here to make our summer more refreshing and fun with its new Strawberry Margarita. In summer last year, the giant retail company launched the Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail. The refreshing boozy drink was made from 100% cane sugar, real lime juice, premium triple sec liqueur and authentic golden tequila. It became one of the most popular summer cocktails of 2019. This year, the same product line unveils a new addition to its wine cocktail. And we’re calling it now, this will easily become your new favorite.

The new Kirkland Signature cocktail is a ready-to-drink beverage made with 100% agave wine, real lime juice, cane sugar and of course, strawberry flavor. It features sweet and refreshing fruity notes combined with our favorite agave margarita. Indeed, nothing beats a strawberry-flavored cocktail in summer. Plus, there’s no need for you to mix your favorite spirits with your favorite fruit juices anymore. If you love margaritas and fruity flavors, all you need to do is grab a bottle of this red cocktail, pour it over ice and enjoy.


Kirkland Signature Strawberry Margarita Wine Cocktail

This pre-mix wine cocktail comes in 1.5-liter bottle containing 12.7% ABV. That’s about two bottles’ worth of boozy goodness so these are perfect for sharing with your friends. You can find the new margarita at your nearest Costco location. It is currently not offered online so your best bet is to visit Costco near you. Kick back and relax in the summer breeze as you pour yourself a glass of this fruity cocktail.