This Orange Glitter Syrup Will Add Some Sparkle To Your Pancakes

So you’ve decided that you’re going to whip up a batch of Eggo’s Pumpkin Pie Pancakes for Halloween morn. But serving a stack of festive pancakes with plain syrup is boring! Leave your usual pancake syrup in the cupboard because it’s time to get spooky with Walmart’s Orange Glitter Syrup! Yes, that’s right – Walmart is selling pancake syrup inspired by the iconic Halloween hue and it just might put a spell on you!

It’s a given for every brand in existence to get in on the autumnal mood (and consequently, the Halloween fun). That’s why everything now has a pumpkin spiced version of something. And if it’s not pumpkin spiced, then it’s probably gotten a creepy ‘makeover’! With all these fun and festive choices for you to choose from, why would you want to stick to the regular version of things like pancake syrup when Walmart’s got a glittery, orange syrup that you can drizzle to make your pancake stacks extra special? The kids will love this sparkly syrup for sure!

Walmart Great Value Orange Glitter Syrup


Dress up your pancakes this fall with Walmart’s Glitter Syrup

“This Halloween, make an “unboo-lievable” breakfast with Great Value Orange Glitter Halloween Syrup.”

Orange Glitter Syrup from Great Value

The Great Value Glitter Syrup comes in 12-ounce bottles. Each bottle will be good for approximately 12 servings, as per the description. The edible glitter incorporated in this colorful syrup will surely make your Halloween morning spread extra magical! And as if that wasn’t enough, Walmart is also selling pumpkin spice and buttermilk pancakes complete with Halloween-themed sprinkles.


A lot of shoppers have already nabbed a bottle of this glittery Halloween syrup

Several Instagram users have already found and tasted the Glitter Syrup, with @familyfooddude being among them. They were able to find the glittery breakfast syrup as early as September, so we’ve got a feeling that Walmart’s got a bountiful supply to last us until the end of the spooky season.