These Unique Pieces Of Experimental Cutlery Will Confuse And Intrigue You

Cutlery, although coming in different brands, sizes and finishes, tends to be pretty similar. We all know what our traditional forks, knives and spoons look like but here we present something far from traditional! Brought to you by ‘Jouw’, these items of experimental cutlery are crafted from natural materials such as wood, stone, glass and calabash. Even the glue and paint is biodegradable! The idea is to ‘challenge you to reconsider preconceptions about the relationship between tableware and the user’. Take a look and see what you think!
Website: JouwStore

Triple Spoon

Quintuple Fork

Beetle Fork Spoon

Giant Spanner Spoon

One Finger Fork

Scissors Spoon

Balancing Spoon

Flat Thorn Ladle Spoon

3D Spoon

Spoon Fork

Sliding Lens Spoon

Red Thorn Spoon

Gold Wrench Double Fork