Starbucks Has Released A Teacher-Inspired Tumbler That Comes With A Pencil Straw

Who among the professional community do you think requires the most caffeine to help them power through their work? It’s a tough call, since coffee is pretty much the universal elixir for daily productivity! But if we were to narrow down the list, teachers are easily among Starbucks’ regular customers. After all, they need all the boosts they can get to get their work done. Especially now that the current pandemic situation has forced them to work and teach at home. So, in recognition of their efforts, the coffee shop has released a range of merchandise themed after the enduring educators. And the collection’s teacher-inspired cold cup is certainly the cream of the crop!

The way we enjoy our iced drinks has been revolutionized thanks to their consistently gorgeous cold cups. Why drink out of a disposable coffee cup when you can sip your iced coffee in a studded rainbow tumbler on repeat? Every time you choose to use a reusable tumbler, you’re not just keeping yourself hydrated. You’re also doing your part in helping reduce the volume of garbage that might end up in a landfill or worse, the ocean.


Starbucks has a cold cup designed like a rolled-up paper sheet with a straw that resembles the iconic No. 2 pencil

This cold cup’s got teachers buzzing thanks to its fun incorporation of school essentials in the design. The cup is dressed like a sheet of handwriting paper emblazoned with the coffee shop’s branding. It is then topped by a blue cover, which reminds of us the adhesive layer that holds the pad of paper together. But the best and most eye-catching thing about this teacher-inspired cold cup is its straw, as it’s been made to look like the iconic No. 2 pencil. The straw is mostly yellow, and has the ferrule to ‘hold’ the pink eraser at the tip.

Thrilled teachers and collectors have taken to Instagram to show off their latest find. Many are writing that the ode to educators has certainly lifted their spirit, as they have found themselves feeling down thanks to current events. We certainly understand the effect this stationery-themed cold cup has on them. It’s just so pretty! As per usual, this tumbler comes in size Venti, so you can get 24 ounces of your favorite source of hydration – from good ol’ water to your favorite cold brew!


The teacher-inspired collection was released just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week


The teacher-inspired drinkware is available in exclusive locations

Aside from the stationery-themed cold cup, the coffee shop is also offering several other drinkware with decorative elements teachers relate to and love. There’s a mini ceramic bag, mugs and travel hot cups adorned with adorable apples for you to choose from as well! Now if you’re looking to snag this drinkware perfect for educators-on-the-go, you’ll have to take note of this extremely important detail. According to @sweetandpetiteteacher, you can find this teacher-inspired collection at Starbucks locations inside Target and Kroger. You should act fast, since we’re sure these cups will sell out fast.

This will definitely make a great gift or keepsake for your favorite teacher this year! Plus, the a writer in your life will love this cold cup as well. We’re not guaranteeing that giving your teacher this cute cold cup will help get you brownie points. But we’re pretty sure they’ll also appreciate a brownie after all their hard work!


Some teachers have customized their tumblers