Tipsy Scoop And Truly Team Up To Create New Boozy Frozen Treats

Boozy ice cream is all we want for summer because we get to enjoy two of our most favorite treats in every scoop. Now, here’s the good news. Truly and Tipsy Scoop have joined forces to bring us a brand new collection of liquor-infused ice creams and sorbets. Just when we thought our favorite boozy ice cream couldn’t get any better, it has outdone itself by teaming up with the popular hard seltzer brand. And we think nothing can possibly top this dream collaboration.

The new ice cream and sorbet are a first-of-its-kind hard seltzer-infused summer treat. It combines the sweetness of real lemonade, the refreshing taste of hard seltzer and the cool crisp bite of handcrafted ice cream and sorbet. Every scoop of this boozy ice cream is a liquor lover’s dream. These adult-approved frozen treats come in four Truly’s original flavors: original lemonade, strawberry, mango and black cherry. The lemonade and black cherry come in ice cream form while the strawberry and mango come in sorbet form. Each variety comes in a pint packing up to 5% ABV.


Truly and Tipsy Scoop Ice Creams and Sorbets

truly and tipsy scoop boozy ice creams
Tipsy Scoop

So, here’s the deal. The ice creams and sorbets are available in a variety pack which includes all the four flavors. However, you can choose the 4-pint pack or the ice cream and spiked seltzer bundle. The latter option includes 4 pints of the boozy ice creams and 4 cans of Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer in matching flavors. You can get the 4-pint pack for just $48 and the 4 pints + 4 cans bundle for $60.

Enjoy this delicious summer treat straight from the pint or blend a spoonful with any liquor of your choice to make creamy cocktails. The snacking possibilities are endless. You can also put a scoop between two cookies to make an ice cream sandwich with a boozy twist. Or you can use it as a topping to your fruit salad or even as a layer in a cake.

Source: TipsyScoop