Bacardi’s New Ready-To-Drink Rum Cocktails Are This Summer’s Must Have

The quest to find the ultimate summer drink is officially on! From fruit juices to boozy cocktails, our favorite beverage brands have certainly been presenting us with tons of options. And joining this growing list is a new line of real rum cocktails from none other than Bacardi. The best part? They’re ready to drink, so all you’ll have to do is crack a can open!

Typical ready-to-drink cocktails normally consist of a malt beverage as their base. However, these canned cocktails feature a white rum base. So, they still have an authentic taste to them, just like handcrafted ones. In addition, they contain all-natural flavors and real ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners. On top of that, they come in three flavors which all sound delightfully enticing and refreshing. So, good luck with picking a favorite because you’d likely have a hard time doing so.


No cocktail shaker? No problem! Bacardi’s new rum cocktails are all ready to drink!

Bacardi Real Rum Cocktails

Lime & Soda features lime zest aromas, bright citrus notes and bubble soda water, giving off a crisp lime flavor. Limon & Lemonade combines the sweetness and tartness of lemonade with a bold lemon flavor, hints of lime and grapefruit. Rum Punch offers a unique blend of fresh pineapple, sweet orange and ripe mango flavor with a hint of passionfruit.

These flavors come in their respective four-can packs at 12-ounce each. Each can contains 5.9% ABV, so you’ll get just the right amount of boozy kick to pump up your day. Unfortunately, they still haven’t made their way to major grocery stores. But the good thing is, they’re available online via Drizly, Minibar, and Instacart. Well, at least for us, this is even better since you can just order them straight to your home.

We’ve also spotted several liquor stores on Instagram with on-hand stocks of this new boozy selection. Feel free to check out the above-mentioned sites and different liquor dealers online to order your rum cocktail pack!

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