Inventions For Your Home You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On

It doesn’t matter how many years go by, people still manage to come up with new ideas and inventions that are designed to make our lives easier or more interesting. Our creativity is one thing the human race can definitely be proud of. Of course, this isn’t to say that some inventions are utterly useless and bonkers, but we like to give credit where credit is due. Here we have some fantastic inventions for your home you’ll want to get your hands on! Take a look and see which ones take your fancy! 

Inventions For Your Home

Portable Light Balls

These portable light balls are great, especially for kids! They are helpful for giving little ones the confidence to go to the toilet on their own in the darkness. 


This is a modernized version of a keyboard that allows you to rest your hands in a natural position when typing. 

Digital Money Bank

This clever coin jar tells you how much you’ve put inside it. It’s really motivating to watch the number climb as you save! 

Double Sided Lamp

These lamps are great for people who share a room but have separate beds. One person can have their side of the lamp on whilst the other can have theirs off! 

Easy Slicer

This little invention is brilliant for slicing and cutting various fruits and veggies! 

Fold-able Sunglasses

These sunglasses fold which means they take up less space and won’t bend or weaken as easily as normal sunglasses. 

Heated Mirror

With this heated mirror you’ll always have a clear section to look at your reflection after showering or bathing. 

Illuminated Shower

This illuminated shower head not only looks cool, but the colors also indicate the temperature! No more hot scorches or cold chills. 

Mini Iron

This mini iron is great for travel and for those moments when you just want to touch something up without having to lug out your standard sized iron. 

Miniature Charger

Don’t be fooled by this charger’s size as it can deliver you a brilliant amount of power! 

Multi Functional Phone Holder/Rest

This ‘Keizus Quadopod + clamp’ can be adapted in numerous ways to suit your purpose. 

Smart Bed

This genius bed ‘knows you, senses you, adjusts to you’. It reacts to body temperature and can even wake you up in the morning! 

Double Ended Toothpaste

We’ve all got to the end of our toothpaste tube and tried to squeeze up the tiny bit that is left. Well, this could be an issue of the past with this cool double ended toothpaste design! 

Overlapping Curtain Tracks

With these overlapping curtain tracks, you’ll never have to worry about that annoying crack of light sneaking through.