Hilarious Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Some of us are great at cooking and others are not so great. But, even if every time you enter a kitchen disaster strikes, it’s great that some people keep on trying to get it right. It can be disheartening when you think you’ve nailed a dish only for it to end it utter chaos. However, don’t let yourself feel bad about it! We can assure you that there is someone else out there who has messed up even worse than you have. Here we have a collection of hilarious kitchen fails that will definitely make you feel better about yourself! Take a look!

We’re not sure how comfortable we would feel about eating this, however, that is a damn good alien! 

When the penny drops about why you couldn’t find your glasses anywhere…

This is exactly why we are wary of trying out these microwave mug recipes! 

This is what happens when you get hungry but then fall asleep. 

The chicken monsters are rising to take over! 

The ultimate look of defeat. We feel really bad for her!

When your pressure cooker practically destroys your kitchen…

This is quite terrifying. Who would want to eat this?!

We would leave a message and run as well! 

This is what happens to chocolate rabbits when their owners run out of normal chocolate… 

Always remember, it’s the thought that counts! But, be careful not to scare the children! 

To be fair, we would say this isn’t the worst expectations vs reality we’ve come across!

Overcooked caramel or a portal to hell?

That is a hell of a lot of rice! 

This would be way less awful if the eyes weren’t so strangely positioned!

What is up with the hedgehog’s teeth?! We’ve never seen one like this before!

We didn’t realize how repulsive bread could be until we saw this…

hilarious kitchen fails smiley bread


When you transform from a snowman into Jabba the Hutt!

Well, that’s dinner ruined…

This looks like it had the potential to be great but sadly it was not meant to be. 

We challenge any child to recognize this as Tinkerbell without being told before hand!