Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s New ‘Cinnadust’ Seasoning Blend Can Be Sprinkled On Anything

Are you ready to add an epic combination of cinnamon and sugar to your dishes? Then get this Cinnadust Seasoning Blend and take every dish to the next level. Admit it, you want your Cinnamon Toast Crunch not just in the morning but also for lunch, snacktime and dinner. Well, now you can just sprinkle the iconic cinnamon-and-sugar taste on just about anything. B&G Foods has transformed our favorite cereal into a condiment by turning it into a powder form.

The new blend is basically ground Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. So, it gives us a new way to use and enjoy the square-shaped cereal pieces. More importantly, it allows us to add the cereal’s famous cinnamon-sugar blend to any dish. The seasoning is also paired with hints of caramel, vanilla and graham flavors. So, it is perfect for sprinkling on toast, cookies, ice cream, shakes, fresh bread, pancakes and more. You can get very creative with this and really jazz up any simple dish.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust Seasoning Blend

The blend will come out in September and will be exclusively available at Sam’s Club stores nationwide. So, Sam’s Club members will be able to get their hands on these next month. But if you’re a non-member, you may need to wait until early 2021 before they roll out to other grocery stores.

Photos of the upcoming Seasoning Blend have surfaced on Instagram to excite our taste buds. The cinnamon-sugar blend comes in a 13.75 oz container. This would surely come in handy whenever we need to get our fix of Cinnamon Toast Crunch anytime of the day (or night). Now, excuse us while we plan on how we are going to use it. On churros, ice cream or popcorn maybe? The snacking possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to give this a try.