The ‘Trac-Grabber’ Helps Free Your Tires From Snow, Sand And Mud With Ease

At some point, every driver has got their car stuck. Good thing is that the Trac-Grabber is here to safely rescue your vehicle. No need for costly tow trucks, this simple yet effective solution is all you need to stop your car from being stranded in all types of terrain. It’s so super easy to install too. Simply strap the belt to the wheels of your vehicle with the rubber gripper pointing out. As the wheels spin, the terrain reaches the point where the traction device engages, lifts, grabs and moves the vehicle back. Whether you’re in snow, sand, mud or even ice, this tool will get you out of trouble.

A must-have vehicle recovery tool for outdoor adventurists, it is designed to give wheels the ability to extract themselves from poor traction situations. Being stranded in remote places and finding yourself at the mercy of an absolute stranger is quite frightening. This is why every vehicle should always have these easy-to-use traction devices ready at all times. Trust us, this is probably the most valuable rescue gear you may ever purchase.


This simple traction device is easy to install, it only takes one person to put them on

trac-grabber stuck in snow

The tool is made with heavy-duty and premium EPDM rubber to provide maximum force. It features a D-ring locking with reinforced Velcro straps. The straps keep the traction device in place when extreme force is applied to the rubber part. To install the device, simply loop the strap through the tire and the D-rings. Pull tight and fasten the excess strap to the Velcro inside the tire. Make sure that there’s sufficient space between the wheel and the wheel well for the traction device in order to achieve full rotation without any obstruction.

tire traction device for cars small suvs


tire traction device easy to install


tire traction device installation


trac-grabber installation

Once the tool is secure, slowly apply power until the wheels rotate and engage the traction device. Drive in reverse or forward, choose the direction that is the shortest with less resistance to move the vehicle back to stable terrain. Keep the wheels as straight as possible and maintain steady power as the vehicle begins to move.

trac-grabber tire traction device


tire traction device for vehicles


tire traction device unstuck your vehicle

It is available in four different sizes to fit all types of vehicles. The different sizes fit cars, small SUVs, trucks, large SUVs, oversized vehicles and wide track vehicles. You can also get these tire traction devices in a set of 2 or 4. So, Trac-Grabber here and rescue yourself the easy way. You can now have peace of mind wherever your wheels take you. One satisfied customer wrote:

“To start with, they work amazing. I got stuck on the lake in deep snow. Put them on and drove out [with] no problems. In fact, I drove for several miles and they were fine.”

trac-grabber wide track vehicles


tire traction device for wide track vehicles


tire traction device for oversized trucks


trac-grabber car small suv

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Watch the video below to see the Trac-Grabber in action