Totino’s Toastables Come In Pepperoni And Chicken Quesadilla Flavors

There’s never a bad time to bite into a slice of cheesy, meaty pizza. It’s perfect as breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-day treat, dinner and of course, as a midnight snack! And while consuming an entire pie may not be a problem for most, some of us would rather enjoy it in bite-sized pieces. So thank goodness for Totino’s Pizza Rolls, right? But if you think that the brand’s pizza rolls are a tad too tiny, you’re in luck. The brand’s new Toastables are here to satisfy your cheesy cravings!

By now, you’re probably familiar with the Totino’s burn. In fact, I think we can all agree that getting your mouth burned by the brand’s bite-sized pizza rolls is part of the Totino’s experience. After all, could you really wait for the rolls’ rich, savory filling to cool down, when you know it’s made to be enjoyed hot? Our only gripe about the Totino’s treats is that they’re so small that we keep popping them in our mouths and run out without realizing it. Well, we won’t have to worry about this little problem anymore, because the new range offers bigger bites for us to enjoy!


Totino’s Toastables snack range comes in two flavors

The new range comes in two flavors: pepperoni pizza and chicken quesadilla. Both options offer cheesy, savory goodness that you can devour after popping them in your toaster! Instagram user @thejunkgoat has already spotted the new offerings on their local supermarket shelf. By the looks of it, these snacks resemble Pop-Tarts, just without the sweet frosting and candy sprinkle topping. So if you ever find yourself not wanting to fix up a proper meal… you’d better have a box of these snacks ready in your freezer!

According to the packaging, the Pepperoni Pizza flavor will have seasoned pepperoni (that comprises of chicken, pork and beef), sauce and cheese stuffed inside the crisp crust. On the other hand, the Chicken Quesadilla variant will have grilled chicken meat mixed in with different types of cheese and tomato puree encased by a crisp crust. The crisp crust features holes poked into it, and we can only assume that they’re there to help the filling cool down faster after they pop out of the toaster. Each box will contain 6 delicious pieces, which should be enough for one sitting. This offering is so brand new that major retailers haven’t had the chance to add them to their online catalog yet. But we’ve got a feeling that if your local store carries the regular Totino’s pizza rolls, you’ll be seeing the new range soon. So keep your eyes peeled!