Totino’s Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites Are Filled With Mozzarella And Seasoned With Hot Chili Pepper & Lime

Tired of picking up the same old savory Totino’s treats from the freezer aisle? Then you’re in luck because Totino’s is spicing things up with their Takis Fuego Mini Mozzarella Bites! The fiery offering is Totino’s latest addition to their Mini Snack Mix bags line. And you’ll probably want to have a tall glass of milk ready when you pop a Takis Feugo in your mouth because it’s reportedly so hot it might set your mouth on fire!

Of course, we all know Totino’s for their irresistible pizza rolls. Instead, we’d rather pop them directly into our mouths even though they’re piping hot. It’s basically an unofficial Totino’s trademark at this point. And now things just got a whole lot hotter!


Totino’s now has Takis Fuego Mini Mozzarella Bites

The chips have a reputation of being so spicy that it was like taking a “bite of lava”. They get their ‘intense and exciting heat’ from the combined flavors of hot chili pepper and lime. You might think that these two flavors are too simple to pack a punch. But we assure you that these chips are not for those with a faint palate. It’s come in various forms, but its latest transformation definitely brings their ‘bite of lava’ rep a whole new meaning!


“Prepared in under two minutes in the microwave, or under 15 minutes in the oven for a little crunch! Totino’s Takis Feugo Mini Snack Bites are the satisfying spicy sidekick you didn’t even know you needed – from an afternoon snack to late night gaming session.”

Each pack contains 60 pieces. Every bite comes with a mozzarella filling protected by a Takis Feugo-based shell. This is sure one way to elevate your snack time! The new offering officially hit Walmart’s freezer aisle in July. It’s available for in-store purchase for $4.99, so what’s stopping you?