These Laser Guided Scissors Shine A Beam Down Making It Easier To Maintain The Desired Cut

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t get a straight-line cut with regular scissors? Well, consider that problem solved. These laser guided scissors are designed and created to improve cutting accuracy and speed on fabrics and papers. No need to use ruler and mark several marks on paper or cloth with erasable chalks to get a straight and even cut. This special cutting instrument has an integrated laser beam that casts a perfectly-straight guide over whatever the blades are cutting. So, you’ll only need to mark the end of the fabric or paper and direct the beam to the mark for an accurately straight cut.

These laser guided scissors feature a laser beam integrated into the handle. Powered by 3 LR44 batteries (included), this ingenious cutting tool forms a clear-cut laser line on the material you’re cutting to give you an absolutely straight guide line to cut along. It has two adjustment screws to help you aim the beam precisely where you want it. Papercraft and dressmaking often require cutting through large crafting paper or fabric. And since this tool eliminates the need to mark the material from point to point, it allows you to save time, effort, and materials.


Laser Guided Scissors

laser guided scissors battery powered

Sure, the built-in laser function is undeniably a practical add-on to the conventional tool. But how do these laser guided scissors deliver on cutting performance? Besides, this simple tool is only defined on how well they can cut things. While there are several of these available on the market, you need to understand that not all of these products are of the same quality. And beware, there are some low quality products that are made from low-grade materials. While these cheaper options deliver the same laser function, they may not be as razor sharp as you’d expect.

laser guided scissors paper craft


cutting tool with straight beam

This particular pair of laser guided scissors features cutting blades made of high quality metal. Its optimum sharpness makes cutting cloth, paper, and other thin material fast and easy. Furthermore, it features an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and precision control. The integrated laser beam will add a bit of weight to the handle. So, expect it to be slightly heavier than your regular scissors. It measures 8.5 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, and weighs 0.3 pound.

cutting tool with beam battery powered


laser guided scissors ergonomic handle


cutting tool metal blades


“I love everything about it. It cuts everything.”, one satisfied customer wrote. “Cutting fabric. Very sharp and accurate.”, another buyer wrote.

cutting tool with beam line guide


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