10 Ways Adults Have Ruined Halloween For Kids


Halloween stems from an ancient Pagan holiday, but today in the United States it's more about kids having some spooky fun and getting treats. That is, when adults aren't ruining it for them. From mean Halloween notes to flagrant misuse of pumpkins, there are all kinds of ways that grown-ups are making Halloween seem less and less fun! Check out these ten examples that possibly put them off all things spooky for life!


It's not great Halloween sprit trying to fob kids off with carrot sticks, even if they do look cool!


Or by being even more straight to the point when denying kids candy!


And when did every women's Halloween costume being sexy become the trend? What happened to scary costumes?!


By using pumpkins in disturbing ways, like this…


…Or, even worse, like this!



By handing out fat-shaming notes instead of candy.


Discouraging trick-or-treaters with gross threats!


Or plain mean ones.


Some people will opt out of costumes in the lamest of ways.


By handing out candy that nobody even wants.

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