Target Has Hyde And Eek Haunted Mansion Cookie Kits

Building cookie houses has always been an activity reserved for happy holidays like Christmas. However, if you can’t wait for Christmas, then you might want to look into Target’s Hyde and Eek Halloween Cookie Kits. You get to build a cookie house just the same, only this time it’s a haunted cookie house. These cookie houses will surely make great (and delicious) décor pieces this spooky season. Likewise, if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional trick-or-treat activities, try creating haunted cookie houses for a change.

What is included in the Hyde and Eek Halloween Cookie Kits?

These cookie kits are available in four different styles: Haunted Mansion, Moonlit Cottage, Spooky Graveyard, and Calavera. All kits include pre-baked cookies, pre-made icings, decorative candies, and sprinkles. Plus, each set comes with an icing syringe to make piping and decorating a breeze.

The Moonlit Cottage offers a great head start to your haunted cookie house construction. At 190g, you should be able to create a mini chocolate cookie house that’s about the size of a typical gingerbread house. This kit includes an orange icing and decorative candies to help you beautify or spookify your cookie cottage.


Hyde and Eek Moonlit Cottage Chocolate Cookie Kit
Hyde & EEK! Boutique


If you find the Moonlit Cottage quite small, then the Haunted Mansion is the one for you. Right off the bat, this pack gives off an Addams Family vibe. Similar to the Moonlit Cottage, it also includes pre-baked chocolate cookies and decorative candies. However, for this variant, you’ll get three icing colors—black, orange, and green. Plus, this set also includes additional sprinkles. Hence, you’ll have just about anything you need to recreate the haunted house of your nightmares, with a sweet twist.


Hyde and Eek Haunted Mansion Chocolate Cookie Kit
Hyde & EEK! Boutique


Meanwhile, Hyde and Eek Boutique also offers cookie kits that don’t require assembling. You may opt for these variants if you simply want to decorate your cookies and eat them immediately. The Spooky Graveyard, as the name suggests, allows you to create a haunted cookie cemetery. This set includes tombstone-shape cookies. In addition to the decorative candies and sprinkles, you’ll also get black, orange, and white icing.


Hyde and Eek Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit
Hyde & EEK! Boutique


Unlike the previous three sets, the Calavera kit includes sugar cookies instead of chocolate cookies. For this set, you’ll get eight skull-shaped cookies, pre-made icing, and sprinkles.


 Calavera Sugar Cookie Kit
Hyde & EEK! Boutique


The best thing about these kits is that they all retail for less than $10 each. So, you can get all four designs in as many quantities as you like. Just like Christmas, Halloween makes the perfect excuse to get creative and indulge yourself in sweet treats.

Source: Target’s Hyde and Eek Boutique