Tom Hanks Can’t Get Enough Of These Uplifting Tweets

Life is full of negativity which is why many of us use the internet as an escape from the harsh reality. But now the tables have turned because the internet has become more toxic and has more negativities than reality. American actor and cultural icon Tom Hanks acknowledges the ‘good’ side of the internet to show that there’s some good left on the worldwide web. He did so by reading some of the nicest tweets and reacting to each of them.

In November 2019, Twitter Movies posted a video of Hanks reading some of the most uplifting tweets. It was basically the ‘good’ version of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets where celebrities read the rudest tweets about them. In return, celebrities will make the most epic clapbacks to their haters. While the popular segment is nothing short of entertaining, it just further confirms that Twitter and other social media platforms are full of animosity and hatred.


Tom Hanks Narrates Some Of The Nicest Tweets On The Internet And Reacts To Them

tom hanks reads nice tweets

As part of the promotion for the 2019 biological drama film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Hanks, Twitter Movies released a video showing the award-winning actor reading tweets of goodwill, for a change. The 64-year-old actor played the role of Fred Rogers, an American television host widely known for the preschool TV series Mister Roger’s Neighborhood which was aired from 1968 to 2001. The biological drama film features a story of kindness, love and forgiveness.


Here are some of the wholesome tweets from the video

nice tweets cody


nice tweets cheba


wholesome tweets alex reiley


wholesome tweets mielebee


wholesome tweets weratedogs


nice tweets sana

In real life, Rogers and Hanks have a lot of similarities. You might already know that Hanks is also dubbed as the nicest guy in Hollywood. And that is attested by his co-stars and most people who have met him. To spread kindness and positivity in what may be considered the most toxic place to ever exist, Hanks read some of the most heart-warming tweets on the internet. And with the adored actor reading and reacting to them, the wholesomeness of the video just melts everyone’s hearts. And to be honest, we really need more of these videos to keep the positive vibes alive.


Watch the video below


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