Times When People’s Ridiculous Questions Got Answered With No BS Responses

Apparently, the internet has been the ideal stomping ground for some oblivious people who try to inflict their moronic point of view or despicable opinions on other people. Thankfully, there are plenty of brave souls who are willing to shut their idiocy down, or should we rather say ‘murder’ them with savage comebacks.

Posts that are downright discriminatory and racist, rude remarks from self-entitled Karens, and people who love to spew their nonsense everywhere. If you’re spending a lot of time on the internet, you’re most likely to encounter these types of posts or arguments. And at some point, you might have wished to expose their stupidity and shame them online but just didn’t have the guts to do it. Well, you’re not the only one reading those posts. Sooner or later, someone’s got to give them the most brutal comebacks that will take their arguments down for good.

“Women Aren’t People, Apparently”

savage comebacks tennis gold medals


“Red Shirts Everywhere…”

grown-up anti-maskers cring oppression

If you enjoy seeing dimwitted people getting roasted or murdered by words, the subreddit r/MurderedByWords is the place to visit. There you can find plenty of instances when the ill-mannered get the most savage comebacks and sick burns they deserve. Using a snarky comment, these jerks intend to make their point and start an argument.

But only to be demolished by a clever counter-argument in the end. Admit it, you also feel somehow pleased when someone takes the words out of your mouth. And you somehow feel triumphant when you see these foolish people getting utterly defeated in an argument they started.

“Yes, The Answer Is Yes”

savage comebacks guy with a turban

The subreddit r/MurderedByWords isn’t the only online community dedicated to brutal comebacks for those who are acting like the village idiots.  However, this particular subreddit has imposed certain rules to help them moderate the large number of submissions. First, the post should feature a well-constructed put-down or counter-argument to a derogatory or offensive remark. The response should be based on fact and should be crushing enough to leave the other party without any ability to reply.


Get Wrecked…

murdered by words chase bank


“Who Doesn’t Love Irony?”

how to find atheists


“Far Too Many People See The Answer To This As Being ‘Yes'”

employing people with learning disabilities


“The Media Makes It To Be A Feel Good Story Over A Dystopian Nightmare”

feel good story dystopian nightmare

Of course, expect to see arguments revolving around topics that are related to current issues. Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, still trying to convince us that the whole Covid-19 pandemic is a huge conspiracy theory, are getting a taste of their own medicine. Self-entitled Karens and racists being knocked down without mercy by clever comebacks. You’ll never get bored reading the hilarious posts. Anyone can join and submit a post but make sure to steer clear of topics concerning politics as it is strictly prohibited.


Let’s All Make A Pledge

savage comebacks british petroleum oil spill


“You’re An Asstrovert”

savage comebacks asstrovert


Classic Karen

savage comebacks autism vaccines


“Don’t Be Confused”

sick burns home costs more than phone


“More C-19 Experts..”

sick burns covid-19 by the numbers


“I Like The Second Guy’s Energy”

savage comebacks sexually dominated vs verbally abused


“Am I So Out Of Touch? No, It’s The Children Who Are Wrong”

sick burns life choices


“Yeah, That’ll Work”

savage comebacks twins not vaccinated


“Columbus Day”

sick burns columbus day


“Murdered By Wit”

murdered by words coffee like women


“Bit Of A Stretch”

murdered by words leg hair and tumor


“How Dare We Give You The Correct Amount Of Changes”

savage comebacks correct change


“Seriously What Is Wrong With You”

sick burns jesus christ george floyd


savage comebacks raped girl


“That’s Got To Hurt”

savage comebacks fake orgasms


“Good Luck To The Women In Your Future”

murdered by words vulgar women


“Entitled Karen Getting Stabbed By Words”

savage comebacks terry crews


“Why Go Out Of Your Way To Be An As**ole?”

murdered by words depression on certain groups


“Handle With Care”

savage comebacks progressive males are not men


“Research Before You Sprouts Anything On Social Media”

savage comebacks prophet muhammad statues


“Better Check Those Facts”

murdered by words fact checking


“This Doubles As A Til About The Spanish Anthem”

sick burns spain national anthem


“Rip Sportsball Fan”

savage comebacks heterosexual athletes


“Once Wasn’t Enough, He Came Back For More”

murdered by words muslims and pro-lifers


“God vs. Humanity”

savage comebacks god cancels people


“Trying To Gatekeep Conversations”

savage comebacks age-defined conversation


“I’ve Had A 32″ TV For Longer Than I’d Like To Admit”

savage comebacks rich vs poor tv


“Oh, No! Anything But That!”

sick burns private insurance


“The Ol’ Switcheroo”

savage comebacks anti-vaxxer meme


“Who Ever Will Fight A Wolf?”

murdered by words americans vs britons wolf fight


“Doctor Of Reading?”

sick burns anti-vaxxer writing fiction


“But How Will They Make Money If They Can’t Take Advantage Of People?!??”

murdered by words uber drivers as employees


“What Are Crab Cakes?”

savage comebacks crab cakes


“I Don’t Really Know If This Counts But..”

savage comebacks unfollowed


“Just So We’re Clear”

murdered by words magic mike vs shrek


“I Once Knew A Peacock”

savage comebacks only fans


“It’s Almost As If”

murdered by words economists and unions


“You Can’t Justify Her Actions No Matter What”

savage comebacks justifying cruella de vil

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