This “Forest Friends” Water Globe Candle Holder Is Adorable

In order to create the oh-so-perfect fall ambience, it isn’t enough to just make your room smell like autumn but it also needs to look like the season itself. This water globe candle holder can bring that cozy, calming aura of autumn right into your home. Designed to hold your favorite fall-scented 3-wick candle, it also presents a delightful spectacle showing the beauty of our favorite season.

This charming candle holder features a pedestal to securely hold any standard 3-wick candle. Of course, fall-scented ones are highly recommended to match the design. But its most alluring feature is the water globe underneath the holder. Inside the water-filled spherical glass are cute mini figures of a fox and a squirrel hanging out on a grassy ground. Next to the fox is a toadstool while the squirrel stands on a tree stump to create a woodland setting. Furthermore, it has swirling leaves to emulate the falling leaves of autumn.


Water Globe Candle Holder

water globe candle holder swirling leaves

That’s not all, the water globe also has built-in LED lights that give off a gentle glow to illuminate the tiny, wonderful world in the dark. To activate the swirling motion and the LED lights, this candle holder requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Plus, the base features a shiny gold finish to add a touch of elegance to your space.

water globe candle holder


forest friends water globe candle holder


autumn inspired candlestick pedestal


autumn inspired candlestick forest animals

Please note that the water globe candle holder doesn’t include a 3-wick candle so you’ll have to buy it separately. The candle holder measures 7.75 inches high and 4.75 inches wide. One happy buyer wrote:

“I just love this globe! The fall leaves are great, love the fox and squirrel then you have the toadstool! Just adorable.”

autumn inspired candlestick led light


water globe candle holder led


autumn inspired candlestick swirling leaves

Source: Bath & Body Works