These Are The Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Of Your Favorite Disney Women


Let's not lie here, even for the biggest of cynics, weddings are exciting and magical. Regardless of whether or not you want to get married, you've got to appreciate a gorgeous wedding dress! And, how much more beautiful can you get than a Disney wedding dress? The people over at 'Disney Style' have put together this graphic showing us some of the favorite Disney wedding dresses of all time. There isn't a lack of huge meringue dresses there, but there are also some more sleek and stylish ones. And, what about Anita's wedding outfit from '101 Dalmatians'? It just screams vintage chic! There's no point denying it, we'd happily wear versions of most of these on our big day. Rapunzel's dress from 'Tangled Ever After' is to die for! Check out these stunning threads!
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Disney Style

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