These Awesome DIY Wooden Coasters Are Cracked And Filled In With Blue Goo To Create An Awesome Effect

If you’re into DIY, boy do we have a treat for you! This Redditor created some super unique wooden coasters with a twist… they glow in the dark! The project is cheap and simple, with a fantastic end result. It’s awesome how with a simple twist, something as mundane as coasters can become a talking point at any gathering. Take a look below how it was done!

He started out with four cuts of wood from a dead tree from his backyard.


Using a pencil to draw lines on the wood for where the cracks will be, he then scored the wood with a box cutter.


Next he cuts the wood into pieces. 


He then taped the wood pieces together with painter’s tape.


After that, resin and blue glowing powder were mixed to later be used to fill the cracks.


Time to pour!


Once dried, the tape was removed, the coasters sanded and then covered in polyurethane. 




Don’t they look great?!


And extremely cool in the dark.


We can’t wait to try out this project!


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