Step Inside This Colorful Tiny House And You Will Be Amazed At What You Can Fit Inside

Ravenlore is a tiny house unlike any you’ve seen before. Although built in a classic Victorian style, it’s painted in bright pink, purple and mint green, which certainly gives a unique to look at. However, when you step inside it’s a much more subtle affair. Ravenlore’s owner, Nicki Joe is a firefighter from Savannah, Georgia, she wanted to downsize and had her new tiny home built by Tiny Green Cabins. The whole thing cost about $60,000. This might seem like quite a lot when you could get a small house in the area for a similar price, but many people prefer the simplicity and freedom that living in a portable tiny house brings them. Let’s take a look at the gorgeous Ravenlore!

The outside of the house is definitely unusual, and not to everyone’s taste. Note the solar panels which generate some of the electricity to power the inside of the home.

Tiny Green Cabins

Nicki Joe seems happy with it, and that’s the main thing!

Tiny Green Cabins

Inside, the place has a fully fitted kitchen, complete with a stove and a washing machine.

Tiny Green Cabins

There’s plenty of room to sit and relax.

Tiny Green Cabins

That’s the only closet space in the house, but Nicki Joe did want to downsize!

Tiny Green Cabins

Check out this gorgeous raven stained glass window.

Tiny Green Cabins

The loft bedroom is just as big as it needs to be.

Tiny Green Cabins

What a stunning little house, and so much more subtly decorated than you’d expect from the outside.

Tiny Green Cabins

If you want to see more of this tiny house, you can take the full tour by watching the video below. 

What are your opinions on this tiny house. Is Ravenlore a bit too colorful for your tastes, or would it be your tiny dream home?

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