Hilarious Teachers Trolling Students Prove That School Is Not Boring

We’ve spent most of our young lives in school where we met different people and learned different lessons. Our life as a student may be troublesome, but it doesn’t even come close to the burdensome life of a teacher. They may be annoying and demanding at times but students fail to understand the challenges that teachers need to face every day. Teachers are fully aware of how playful kids are these days with their devil-may-care attitude. That is why they also need to step up their game in order to dance to their students’ tune. So if youngsters can troll, teachers can do it better. And seems like students don’t mind having a troll for a teacher, in fact they love it! Here are some photos of teachers trolling students who made school more fun and entertaining.



No excuses…

Now, I got your full attention.

Writing an adult word in a kid’s homework is a guaranteed bust.

You’re killing me, literally.

When your own joke backfired to you so bad.

Attend your class regularly if you don’t want your picture posted on a milk carton.

That’s one unusual teacher’s pet.

When it comes to having great sense of humor, these teachers have the upper hand. Scroll down to see more photos of teachers trolling students and get ready to laugh.



You just got rick rolled!

This professor knows how to upgrade his computer’s security before the final exam.

No one can escape the eyes of the man on top.

Most teachers would tell you not to play with fire. But this particular teacher seems to enjoy playing with it.

This student borrowed a pen from his teacher. He learned his lesson not to forget his pen next time.

Always present, never absent.

Psychological manipulation at its finest. I can almost hear Jigsaw muttering “I want to play a game.”

This is what you get for sleeping in class.