Cambodian Artist VisothKakvei Is Taking Doodling To Another Level

Just when we think that we’ve come across the best artists we’ve ever seen, a new one is discovered that blows us away. Here we present the extraordinary works of Cambodian artist VisothKakvei. The 27 year old graphic designer has an incredible talent when it comes to making the most outstanding drawings. His pieces are an absolute must see so take a look below to check out some examples and to find out more about the artist.


Visoth is not limited to paper as his canvas! 


About The Artist

It takes Visoth roughly 3-6 hours to finish a single piece. 


His works are usually drawn freehand, however, Visoth felt they needed something more… 


…so, he digitally enhances them which explains the jumping out of the page effect that you see in many of these images. 


Visoth takes a lot of inspiration from nature. 


It’s impossible not to see the talent reflected in these illustrations, so, it’s no surprise that Visoth’s Instagram page as over 800k followers! It continues to grow at a rapid rate and we can see why! 


Our Thoughts

Each new image that we see by Visoth leaves us in awe. The black and white images are just as impressive as the colorful ones. 


The freehand drawings are incredible on their own, but when paired with the digital manipulation, they become something out of this world. Visoth is clearly gifted in more ways than one. 


We can’t believe it only takes Visoth 3-6 hours to complete a piece. Taking into account the amount of detail put into the work, we presumed it would be way longer.


We can’t wait to see what Visoth comes out with in the future. He’s definitely gained a few more fans!

Source: Instagram | Website