17 Amusing Images For Those Who Love Snow

Snow can be a beautiful thing. If you aren’t used to seeing it, it’s crisp whiteness and softness covering the scenery that we are used to seeing on a daily basis really does give a calming and clean new look. It’s also great fun to play in! However, it can also be extremely inconvenient for those that have to get to work or school. Not to mention how once the snow starts to melt it becomes quite dangerous ice and turns a rather dirty color! Still, we are a massive fan of the stuff. Depending on where you live, however, you might have constant snow and enjoy it just fine, flaws and all! Take a look below at some amusing snow related images!

Window Open


Parking Ticket




Dick Blocking Car


Not Mine

North Vs South


Nailed It



Snow Angel


Snow Shovel



Snowman Universe

Still Comin