40 People Share “Technically True” Posts That Are Hilarious

The truth hurts sometimes so some people would prefer living with a lie than to be hit with the truth. But you know what they say, the truth will set your free, even if it hurts. If you want to open your eyes to the reality of life, the subreddit Technically the Truth is the ideal place for you. There you can find a great deal of information that is technically true. And in all honesty, these facts are not just eye-opening but hilarious as well.

Here’s a slice of reality. The truth is actually easy to see. But many people fail to see it because they are blinded by make-believe and lies. In order to set them free, it’s generally better to slap them with the fact of the matter than to sugar-coat the reality just to make them feel better. Of course, it will hurt them one way or another. This is why we usually spend too much time worrying about the risks that come with being honest. Well, the subreddit Technically the Truth was established to address the elephants in the room that we usually choose to ignore.


Outrageous Posts That Are Technically True

Some brutally honest answers to random questions and seemingly ridiculous opinions that are actually true, the page has a lot of amusing information that is both funny and shocking. It currently has more than 1.3 million members who are particularly called ‘truthers’ in the sub. Anyone who wants to share their own honest opinions, based on facts, is welcome to join and submit their posts on the page. Or if you’re just looking for something to give you some laughs, the sub can be a good source of entertainment.


“I Am Iron Man”


Coming Out


“Interesting Title”

To avoid heated debates among members, the page strictly prohibits posts with political content. But other than that, truthers can post about anything as long as it is based on facts. We’ve picked out some of the funniest and most outrageous posts from the page to show that reality is more fascinating than make-believe.


“He Expertly Defied Logic”


Hilarious Comment


“Smart Teacher”


“A penis is like life…”


“Hide Your Christians!”


That’s Technically True…


“Fair Enough”


“Thought This Might Belong Here. I Would Totally Eat 6 Donuts And Be No Worse Off Than Drinking 1 Coke”


“Not His President”


“The Truth Behind The Pyramids”


“Ask And You Shall Receive”


“I Mean, It Is”


“Well Yes But Actually Yes”


“Why Is This Correct?”


“Just Because It’s True, Doesn’t Mean I Like It”


“I Don’t Need No Dummy”


“Can Confirm”


“Probably Yes”


“C’mon Google Assistant”


“Oh Phoebe”


“Tasty Humans…”


“It’s True”


“Chickens Can’t Afford Umbrellas”


“They’re Dead”


“In A Way?”


“You Can’t Deny It….”


“Former Record Holder”


“Apparently The New Lifesaver Brand Watch.”


“Can’t Argue With That”


“I Just Threw Up In The Toilet”




“Keanu Reeves Knows How To Stay Grounded”


So, That’s Why…


“This Is Too Close To Home.”


“Math Is Math”


You don’t have long


“I’m Helping, Are You?”


Fun Fact