50 People Share Hilarious Comments They Saw That Have A Dark Vibe To Them

Do you know what’s more amusing than reading a funny post? It’s reading the outrageously hilarious comments that either make the post even funnier or make the person who wrote the post look stupid. In fact, there’s a subreddit dedicated to showcasing the funniest cursed comments gathered from the worldwide web. It could be a ridiculous answer to a question or a humorous remark to a message. But why do we call these ‘cursed’? Because these dark responses can either leave you dumbfounded or make you hoot with laughter.

So, people on the internet have a lot to say about everything they stumble upon on the web. Sometimes, people’s opinions can turn an innocent and sweet post into something edgy, funny or silly and that’s why these remarks are called “cursed”. What people think about our posts might affect us in so many ways because we all want to read positive and encouraging comments. But more often than not, negative criticisms and offensive remarks are always present in our comment section. However, whether you take these remarks seriously or just shrug them off is up to you.


Dark Comments That Made The Posts More Interesting

The subreddit ‘Cursed Comments’ was only created in April 2018. But the page already amassed more than 2.2 million members as of writing. Well, this just shows how people are a huge fan of witty and meme-worthy comments that are more interesting than the posts themselves. Although some of these remarks are ridiculous and sometimes offensive, we can’t also deny some truth in them. And while commenters like these may not make the world a better place, there’s no denying that they make the internet a lot more interesting.



If you’re ready for a good laugh, check out our compilation of the funniest comments from the page. And yeah, you can hit us with your funniest comments to.














































So, what do you think about these dark but funny comments?

Source: subreddit