Taco Lovers Need This Taco Sleeping Bag Blanket In Their Life

As the colder months start to kick in, you’ll want to make sure you stay warm and cozy as much as possible. Well, what better way to do so than with a food-inspired blanket? But if the thought of wrapping yourself into a burrito or pizza doesn’t excite you much, perhaps transforming yourself into a taco might do the trick. Yes, you’ve read that right! With this taco sleeping bag blanket, you can now come home to the comfort of everyone’s favorite Tuesday treat!

Made of ultra-soft polyester, this fuzzy blanket certainly takes the “comfort” in comfort food to an entirely new level. It features a fleece-like texture to keep you warm during cold winter nights. At the same time, it’s breathable enough to keep you comfy on breezy summer nights. And when it comes to details, it’s simply spot-on! Just like the real thing, it comes loaded with lettuce, salsa, and cheese—all oozing out of the taco shells’ plush crust. Just imagine being sandwiched in that fluffy goodness every single night after a long tiring day!

taco sleeping bag blanket


This fuzzy taco sleeping bag blanket certainly takes the “comfort” in comfort food to an entirely new level

And the best part? This cozy sleeping bag measures 69″ long or approximately 5’9″ in length, which means it’s perfectly suitable for adults. Aside from using it on your couch or bed at home, you can also take it with you on camping trips, sleepovers, and even long-haul flights. Well, we have a feeling that you and this snuggle-in blanket will be inseparable, so it’s a good thing that it’s safe for machine wash. That way, you can clean it regularly without dreading doing so.


food-inspired fleece snuggle-in blanket

One happy buyer wrote:

“This is a perfect gift for the taco lover in your life! It’s super soft and washes well.”


Source: Amazon