15 Great Ideas To Give Old Chairs A Stylish Makeover


Chairs can make or break your home decor. If you have old chairs hanging around then your room is going to look dated, no matter how well you decorate. The good news is that there's no need to shell out for new chairs, as it's fairly straightforward to revamp your old chairs and give them a new lease of life. Take a look at these amazing chair makeovers and get some inspiration.


This plain wooden chair has been transformed into a work of art.


This dull old wicker chair is now light and airy.


It's amazing what a lick of paint and some new fabric can do.


This dated tartan chair is now a rustic delight.


This chair was ready for the junk yard but has been transformed into a shabby chic dream.


This chair was uninteresting, but is now impossible to ignore.


A coat of paint and some awesome floral fabric has given this old office chair a new lease of life.


The bold turquoise paint and patterned upholstery looks amazing.



Some white paint and interesting fabric is all this old chair needed.


This chair has gone from chintz to chic.


Some wood stain and gorgeous fabric has transformed this chair.


This vintage cane chair now looks ready to face the future.


This chair has been given a cool, modern look.


This once dark and dreary dining chair now looks amazing.


Some cute '60s style fabric has turned this into an enviable office chair.