This Sleeping Bag Onesie Means You’re Always Snug Even Outside The Tent

Camping trips are exciting because you get to witness the full glory of the outdoors. But I think we can all agree that waking up early to catch the sunrise is something we all secretly dread. Mostly because it’s absolutely freezing up in the mountains in the early hours of morning! That’s why it’s so important to invest in good outdoor gear and clothes. And that usually ends up weighing us down. Well, the load you have to carry on your back just might get a whole lot lighter thanks to this awesome sleeping bag onesie courtesy of Selk’bag.

The Selk’bag Original 6G Sleeping Bag is basically a wearable bed. It is a sleeping bag and an all in one suit rolled into one. With this awesome invention, you no longer have to cover yourself up with layer upon layer of clothes to keep yourself warm when you’re outdoors, where the temperatures can drop so low that it makes your teeth chatter. It’s also perfect for those who start shivering at the slightest gust of wind!

campers in blue green and purple sleeping bag onesie suits


This sleeping bag onesie will keep you warm without restricting your movement

Bundling yourself up with blankets and thick jackets has been the tried-and-tested way of warming up when the temperature drops really low. But this has its own drawbacks. For one, your movement is limited when you’re cocooned inside your blanket or thick clothes. Well, you can say goodbye to that cumbersome feeling with Selk’bag’s onesie! And this nifty warming gear isn’t just meant to be used in one place. In their description, Selk’bag wrote:

“With new increased features for family campers and outdoor enthusiasts for year-round use. Use it in your next camping trip, family visiting, RV road trip, music festivals, lounging in the cabin, or even at the coziness of your home!”

main features of the insulated onesie


sleeping bag onesie specifications

The onesie is wrapped with two layers of insulation all over to ensure that you’re warm and cozy when it gets chilly. And to keep your warmth from escaping, your onesie has elastic hand enclosures so you can easily slip your hand out of the sleeves. Playing the guitar, cooking or doing whatever it is that you want to do during your adventures is now achievable while staying warm with this onesie. And to make things even better, it’s also got cargo pockets so you can carry your valuables and essentials anywhere you go!


Slip into a world of warm comfort with this sleeping bag onesie

Selk’bag designed the onesie to be easy to slip in and out of through a side zipper. Naturally, this awesome wearable sleeping bag comes in a range of sizes and colors to suit your needs. You can choose to get the Original 6G Sleeping Bag in black, blue, red, green, lemon or purple. Their sizes are also height specific, to ensure that everyone fits perfectly in their onesie! A small sized suit fits people who are up to 150cm tall. Meanwhile, a medium size will fit those who are up to 165cm tall. Then, their large size will suit those are up to 180cm tall and finally their extra-large size will fit people who are up to 193cm in height.

camper emerges from his tent wearing the onesie


male camper wears blue sleeping bag onesie

Every size weighs substantially different from one another. The small size onesie is the lightest, weighing only 3.39lbs while the extra-large weighs the heaviest at 2kg. This will definitely be a welcome addition to anyone’s camping gear collection. So what are you waiting for? Get your very own onesie here!

Source: Amazon