Stylish “She Sheds” Are the Relaxing Women’s Version of Man Caves

If there are ‘man caves’ for men then women should also have their version. Women are coming up with their own she sheds to define their own space without any male interference. Well, it practically serves the same purpose as the man caves. However, there are certain features that make the she shed different from man caves.

The most distinguishing feature of the she sheds is the choice of location. A man cave is usually a room inside a house where men can do whatever they want. This could be the attic, the basement or the garage. On the other hand, she sheds are literally sheds that are separate from the main house. These compact sheds are typically situated in the backyard where women can isolate themselves from men. Girls definitely rule the she sheds. But there are actually no rules because they can do every girly thing they please inside these havens. They can decorate it however they want it. And they can turn it into a yoga studio or craft room whenever they feel like it. That’s the liberty and luxury of having your own private place.

You can opt to order pre-fabricated sheds from several companies if you want to save yourself from the hard work. If you are running out of design ideas, you can check Pinterest to get some inspiration. Here are some gorgeous examples that you may want to consider.

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