‘The Force’ To Go Camping Has Never Been Stronger With This Star Wars Death Star Tent

If you ever go for an outdoor camping, why not make it more exciting? We’ve found a camping essential that will surely take you to a galaxy far, far away. The Monster Factory offers the Star Wars Death Star Tent that is themed after the notorious moon-sized galactic super-weapon. Star Wars fans are going to love this camping tent. More especially now that the season for camping is almost here.

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 You can easily set this Death Star Tent up anywhere. Don’t worry, it won’t blow up nearby tents just like what the Star Wars Death Star does. This lightweight tent can accommodate up to three campers. As far as functionality is concerned, this Death Star tent is more than just its replica appearance. The tent is made from high-quality Oxford polyester that is lightweight yet durable. Plus, it has an outer waterproof flysheet and insect netting to keep you dry while keeping insects away. So, you can sleep at night with ease even when it’s humid outside, without worrying about invading insects.

monster factory death star tent

Setting up the Death Star Tent is quite easy and simple. There’s no need to attach pipes or ventilation shafts to the canvas. Its knuckle click one-piece mechanism allows you to construct the tent in less than 60 seconds. Simply pull the center of the poles to open the frame. Then click the knuckles to set the frame, ground sheet and inner tent into place. Also, it is as quickly to pack it down as it opens up, making outdoor camp a breeze.

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star wars themed camping tent


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Additionally, the inner compartment has a central hook where you can attach lighting. It also has convenient pockets to hold your items.

death star tent central hook


death star tent inner compartment pockets

The Death Star Tent today! Available on Amazon or The Monster Factory.