28 Of The Most Genius Food Packaging Designs Ever Created

Most of our food products come in some sort of packaging. For some items, packaging isn’t hugely important because people will buy them no matter what. However, for items where multiple brands are battling for customers, it’s a priority to make sure your product stands out above the rest. Here we have some genius food packaging designs that show just how creative people can be. Some of the products are real, however, some of them are just concepts. Take a look and see what you make of them! 

Banana Milk

Blood Of Grapes Wine

Pantone Chocolates

Cooking Kits That Turn In To Masks

Dinosaur Ice Lollies

Drink Lids That Can Hold Extras

Flowering Tea Bags

Fries Holder With Ketchup Pocket

Goldfish Tea Bags

Happy Pills Sweets

Egg Boxes Made From Hay

‘The Most Honest Chocolate’

Honey Package Made Of Beeswax, Zero Waste As Wax Can Be Burnt As Candle

Hot Idea Light Bulb Spices

Some of these packaging designs are so brilliant, we can’t believe that they haven’t been introduced to the world yet! However, there are a few in the mix that probably wouldn’t appeal to everyone out there, such as the milk spoilage indicator you’re about to look at! Anyway, it’s still great to see that designers out there really do care about making life simple and interesting for us consumers. The people behind the packaging on this list are super talented. Hopefully some of these ideas end up in the mainstream markets so that we can all enjoy them. We’ve got plenty more awesome examples to check out so keep going! 

Milk Spoilage Indicator

Mini Olivia Olive Oil

Packed Like Sardines

Nikita Pasta Packaging

Nuts Bags With Separator For Shells

Pizza Box Projector 2 In 1

Pizza Fingers

Spaghetti Packing With Servings

Super Hot Sauce Packaging

Sushi To Go Boxes

Tea Bags On Hangers

Cookies In Oven Packaging

Wine Box That Transforms Into A Bird Feeder

Yogurt Lid Spoon Instructions

So, which products do you think are pure genius and which do you think should never have been brought to life? Personally we are huge fans of the tea bag designs! They are so creative and we want to try all of them out. We also loved the pizza fingers! With less mess, you can focus on eating your yummy, cheesy slices of heaven. However, we aren’t so keen on the spoilage indicator idea! We think it would create far too much waste because for many people, as soon as they saw any sign off their item going off, they would throw it away. Lets us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, feel free to submit any of your own genius packaging ideas or finds.